Media: the EC intends to obtain all the information about contracts of “Gazprom” in the EU

Media: the EC intends to obtain all the information about contracts of “Gazprom” in the EU

The European Commission intends to obtain complete information on long-term contracts non-European gas suppliers, if you have any concerns about possible supply disruptions, according to “Kommersant”.

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. The European Commission has prepared amendments to the legislation, according to which it will be able to get all the information on commercial contracts of Gazprom in Europe, including on prices, according to “Kommersant”.

The newspaper refers to two bills of the EC, which will form the basis of the EC energosoiuz.

In the first indicated that all intergovernmental agreements in the energy sector that are going to enter into EU countries must be agreed with the European Commission before the signing. The EC is entitled to send to negotiate their observer.

The document implies the exchange of information between EU member States on all existing and discuss intergovernmental agreements.

The second bill, according to the publication, amends the Directive on security of gas supply in 2010. Under the agreement, all natural gas suppliers from outside the EU must inform the EC about the format of long-term contracts “to assess their impact on energy security.”

It is noted that innovations are not subject to commercial agreement, and in this regard, Brussels intends to oblige partners of all non-European suppliers of natural gas to provide data on their long-term agreements. Have to disclose the contract period, volumes of gas supplies and the conditions for its termination.

However, in addition to this information the EC in some cases can get access to the entire contract as a whole, and not just to its parts. Such a step the European Commission will go, if it is a threat to the security of gas supply, indicated by “Kommersant”.