Putin demanded to take tougher measures to seize property of corrupt officials

Putin demanded to take tougher measures to seize property of corrupt officials

MOSCOW, January 26. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded to take strict actions on withdrawal and conversion to the state of property of corrupt officials.

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“We need to improve anti-corruption mechanism such as the seizure and conversion to the state of property purchased with illegal or dubious money, including taking into account international standards”, – said the head of state at the meeting of the Council for countering corruption.

Putin also insists that “to return the assets illegally or unlawfully in other jurisdictions”.

According to the President, “an important question – compensation for damage caused by corruption”. He cited statistics according to which “from 15.5 billion rubles recoverable in cases of corruption, last year managed to return only 588 million rubles”. “Agree, this is a fairly modest sum,” said the head of state to participants of meeting.

“It’s important to move on”

According to Putin, the anti-corruption laws of the Russian Federation and practice of their application meet international standards.

“Has developed in recent years anti-corruption legislation and practices meet international standards,” he said at a meeting of the Council for countering corruption.

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The head of state noted that Russia has managed to implement mechanisms that detect corruption schemes at any level and to react to them, and, if necessary, to isolate the corrupt officials.

Putin stressed that only for the first 9 months of 2015 for criminal cases on corruption sentenced to more than 8.8 thousand people. Almost 11 thousand officials were brought to disciplinary liability for violating anti-corruption standards.

“We should move further, – said Putin. – And above all – to solve the tasks set in the message (the President) to the Federal Assembly”. In particular, on their implementation sent to the presidential decree, which established mechanisms for the disclosure of the personal interest of civil servants, bringing the offenders to justice up to and including termination in connection with a breach of trust.

To stop attempts to bribe officials

Putin urged to stop attempts to bribe domestic and foreign officials.

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“We need to stop attempts of bribery on behalf of the commercial structures of the Russian and foreign officials that originate in foreign countries, – said the head of state. – The relevant amendments introduced by the state Duma”.

Putin added that it is necessary in this regard to improve the work with partners abroad.

Thus, according to him, the key task remains the formation of the society of anti-corruption legal conscience, rejection of the breach of the law should be brought up at school. “And in schools, in universities and in secondary schools, and, of course, at work and in the family need to always remember this”, he concluded.

“The work here very, very much”

Putin considers it necessary to strengthen the fight against so-called conflict of interest.

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As stated by the President at the meeting of the Council for countering corruption, “among the priority areas – improving the effectiveness of law enforcement in anti-corruption sphere”. “It is necessary to improve the operation of structures that control the expenditure of budgetary funds, it is important at an early stage to identify the personal interest of those who disposes of budget unfair means, hide the facts using bogus or affiliates, to eliminate the conflict of interests,” said Putin.

The President cited the data of sociological surveys, according to which “citizens generally positively assess anti-corruption efforts undertaken at the Federal level.” “But this is not enough. People are faced with corruption, with so-called domestic corruption. The work here very, very much,” he said.

In his opinion, “the question is not about today or tomorrow to vivid some victories”. “I guess it is a difficult task, maybe even elusive. But if we stop, it will be worse, need to move only forward,” Mr Putin said.

The President stated that “the responsibility for reducing the level of corruption in the territories lies with the heads of subjects of Federation”.