Putin told about a mine under the USSR, the burial of Lenin and the work of Kadyrov

Putin told about a mine under the USSR, the burial of Lenin and the work of Kadyrov

The meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with activists of the popular front lasted more than four hours. During this time, he answered including the most urgent questions.

MOSCOW, 25 Mar –. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with activists of the Russian popular front, which lasted over four hours and discussed a wide range of issues: from the situation in the Russian economy and relations with Turkey to provide villagers with fertilizers and the operation of companies in the housing sector.

The head of state answered sharp questions about the reburial of Lenin, the attitude to Kadyrov and he explained what he meant when he spoke of the country laid under mine.

About the problems

In the beginning of the meeting the President outlined the main goal of the meeting is to review the current situation in the regions. According to Putin, this communication allows you to delve into the specifics of the Federation, located in the region, to look at difficulties, on problems. He noted that this year there will be three more such conferences.

Then Putin has paid attention and the results of the movement. The President said that he is responsible for the fight against corruption in the country authorities should pay attention and listen to onf data on waste. Putin also paid attention to the issues of provision of farmers with mineral fertilizers. The head of state assured that the agriculture Ministry and the Ministry of industry and trade prepared the agreements with the manufacturers to provide the villagers with necessary volume. He also stated that the measures of depoldering of agriculture in the current year will total 237 billion rubles.

Putin drew attention that the difficulties faced by the Russian Federation, give some opportunities to the economy, not only agriculture but also industry. But the fundamentals of the economy, he said, allows to be optimistic, though cautious.

The head of state also spoke about inflation. He said that the government should be careful to ensure that the standard of living of Russians stayed at a decent level. The theme of the reserve funds is also not left without attention. According to the President, you have to use them, but carefully.

According to Putin, the Russian economy is not just lives, but also feels confident, though targeted support to industries. He added that Russia should expand economic freedom and to rid the economy from the stranglehold of nepotism and corruption.

Speaking about oil prices, Putin said that the fall was due to oversupply, the market can’t consume. This also applies to the slowdown of the Chinese economy.

Critical questions

The meeting discussed the issues of more local, such as the activities of management companies in housing and communal services, the prohibition to make changes in the textbooks more often than every five years, the criteria for dividing the media at the Federal and regional dissemination of educational projects such as “150 cultures of the don region”.

But there were some very difficult questions. One of them is the reburial of Lenin. Putin said that it was important not to take steps that divide our society, need to approach this carefully.

The debate on the identity of the leader of the revolution is not over. The President decided to explain exactly what he meant when he talked about a mine, laid under the building of the Russian statehood. These words were widely discussed by the public.

This, according to him, the discussion between Lenin and Stalin on the state device. The President said that Stalin had formulated the idea of the autonomization of the future of the Soviet Union, when all the actors of the future state were to enter the USSR on the basis of autonomy, with extensive powers. But Lenin, according to Putin, criticized the position of Stalin and said it was untimely, wrong idea.

“And moreover, he promoted the idea of joining all the future subjects of this state, born in the Soviet Union. And then it was four regions — Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and, incidentally, the South of Russia. Now, Lenin had advocated that the state, the Soviet Union, was formed on the basis of full equality with the right of withdrawal from the Soviet Union. And this is a time bomb under the building of our statehood”, — said the President. He added that Russia should carefully and objectively analyze the past, to prevent mistakes, and to build gosstroya and the economy so that the state was strengthened.

Asked Putin to give assessment of the work of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, who has repeatedly caused a wide resonance. The President said that he appreciated the work of Kadyrov as effective.

Pro wrestling

International issues also of concern to the activists of the Popular front. The representative of the Central headquarters of the popular front of Chechen Republic thanked the President for decisive action to combat international terrorism in Syria.

In response, Putin thanked the Russian military for effective action in Syria. “We will act as the famous character of famous film said, gently, but firmly. Strongly, but carefully,” said Putin.

At this event, Putin met with the inhabitant of Dagestan which he visited in the hospital after a serious injury. The President remembered the story when I saw a man without both legs, told him that everything would be okay, and he replied defiantly, “Yes, of course, all will be well, not to those they attacked”.

Putin spoke about Russian-Turkish relations soured after Turkey shot down a su-24 bomber. According to him, the Turkish leadership made a huge mistake, and the reaction of the Russian Federation on it is a war crime more than restrained. The reciprocal limitations, then, according to the President, action against Turkish companies in the construction sector will be expanded, but existing contracts will not be affected, because this may cause damage to Russia itself.

Activists have asked and much more. The President assured that after the meeting he will meet with the heads of regions and representatives of Federal ministries to the ideas “are not hung in the air.”