The forum of the popular front: a decent life, family kindergartens, nepotism in the economy

The forum of the popular front: a decent life, family kindergartens, nepotism in the economy

On 25 January. In Stavropol has passed the first in 2016 interregional forum of the Russian popular front (onf). The event was attended by over 600 people – civil society activists from the southern regions of the country, Federal and regional experts of the popular front, the journalists, the representatives of the legislative branch.

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The participants discussed ways to combat corruption and wastefulness in the conduct of public procurement, the development of social institutions and social control, availability of school, higher and secondary education, the problems in the housing sector, road infrastructure, development of domestic tourism, health and other topics.

In the North Caucasian Federal district for participation in the plenary meeting of the forum of the popular front has arrived the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. As stated by the head of state during his speech in Stavropol, and with which proposals made at the forum, activists of the Russian popular front in the material.

On the situation in the economy and social undertakings

The main task of the Russian authorities in the current economic climate is maintaining a decent standard of living of the people, said Vladimir Putin, answering a question of one of participants of the forum of the popular front on the ratio of inflation and indexation of benefits.

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“We all know about the rate of the national currency, and all know about inflation… It will be even, the final count, a little less, I think, than originally talked about. But indexing (payments – approx.), this is especially true of retirees, must be respected in accordance with the decisions and the adopted law”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

According to the President, “we must carefully, but to use our reserve funds – including, and primarily the government’s reserve funds”. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that the cost must be commensurate with budget revenues.

The President noted that the underlying fundamentals of the economy allow to show cautious optimism. The budget deficit in Russia, said Putin, was “less than we expected – I reported to the Ministry of Finance, 2.6%, probably 3 is odd”. At the same time preserving a trade surplus and has large reserves with low debt. The President concluded that this creates the basic conditions for future development.

On freedom of enterprise and freedom from nepotism

The Russian President urged to develop free enterprise. “We need to expand economic freedom, to rid the economy of corruption, from the dominance of nepotism of all.”

In a situation of instability in the economy related to oil prices, Russia needs to find its own inner resources for development, Putin said, noting that “we have enough”.

The head of state warned against the artificial reduction in price of credits – it can “to disperse” inflation so that “the business community and we thank you for this I will not say”.

About small business support in agro-industrial complex

Putin expressed hope that ministries of agriculture and Finance will be able to keep the volume of state support of small business in agriculture. The President reminded that the farmer and personal subsidiary farms give a very significant contribution to the total food basket of the country.

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The head of state supported the proposal to make officials when considering the distribution in the regions of the state support to agriculture go to those who have sent a request for support to be sure of its necessity. At the same time to consider a more strict control over the targeted use of budget funds in agriculture, the President added.

On road infrastructure and utilities

The Russian President demanded that allocated for the construction and repair of roads funds are spent efficiently, transparently and economically justified.

Putin promised to speed up the adoption of the popular front prepared the draft law on the establishment of uniform requirements to the statutory warranty of the roads.

The head of state supported the proposal of the representatives of the popular front to make for an open control housing and to appoint a Federal Executive authority for control over execution of contracts concluded in this sphere.

Availability of the MFC

Putin urges to solve the problem of availability of multifunctional centers (MFC)for the Russians. Forum participants reported that in many regions of the country people simply do not know about the opportunities offered by such centres.

About solving the problem of kindergartens

Putin supports the creation of small family kindergartens in the southern regions of Russia. The head of state noted that in the whole country, the problem of waiting lists in kindergartens is almost solved, “and in many regions completely solved, in the South the situation is more complicated”.

According to the President, to improve the situation in problem regions can be used in different formats of pre-school education. “Of course, it and family kindergartens. We talk a lot about this, I think it should be supported”, – said Putin. In many regions, these methods support is already there, “including appropriately structured remuneration”, recalled the head of state and concluded that he would discuss the issue with regional leaders.

About domestic tourism and the potential of the South Russia

According to Putin, the Russian South from the point of view of the tourist potential is not inferior to the Austrian Tyrol, but it has to be developed.

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“I think in the South of Russia this year rested much more tourists than in the Tyrol, although the Tyrol is a very nice place, beautiful and the people there are wonderful,” said the head of state.

Best experience Alpine resort can and should learn from, said the President. “We have enormous potential, including in the republics of the Caucasus,” he concluded.

On land parcels and entitlements for families

Putin proposed public organizations to carefully control all the authorities in questions of land distribution. “Many of the decisions that definitely raised questions of their validity and are conducted through the courts,” he said, noting that the land distribution is extremely important, sensitive and demand special attention.

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The President also hopes that the issue of providing infrastructure free land plots for families with many children will be addressed.

This issue arose when discussing decisions about land, Putin said, explaining that the situation is due to financial constraints. “We don’t forget about it, will try not only to push the regions, but the conditions for this to create”, – assured the President.

Commenting on the words of the representative of the popular front that parents with many children in many regions have to pay in transport, Putin also stressed that “the budget”.

“A private company will not ship for free (approx.) only because of the status. But even if the municipal entity, it still must get some money for the transported passenger – so he has to subsidize. You need to either a region, a Federation or a municipality was paying grace for each transported passenger. This, too, can think of, as parents of large families”, – concluded the head of state.

On combating international terrorism

One of the participants of the forum, living in the North Caucasus, thanked the President for active actions of Russia in Syria against is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state”. Putin in turn thanked her on behalf of the Russian military for understanding the importance of ongoing anti-terrorist policy.

“We will act as the famous character of famous film said: “Gently, but strongly,” said the Russian leader.

About the burial of Lenin’s body and its role in the fate of the USSR

The President said that issues such as the burial of the body of Vladimir Lenin, should be approached carefully so as not to divide the society. Putin also explained why he called Lenin a man who laid the bomb in the Foundation of the country. Regarding the construction of the new state was Lenin’s discussion with Stalin, Putin said. Ideas of Stalin were rejected and the country was built with the possibility of her participating from the state. “This (the right to secede from the country – approx.) and there is a time bomb under the building of our statehood,” the President said, “because including it led to the disintegration of the state.”

Membership in the CPSU

The Russian leader reminded that he himself for years was not only a member of the Communist party, but he worked in the KGB – “armed detachment of the party”. “Can’t say that I was really so convinced Communist, he added. I, however, treated it very carefully”. The President also stated that he was not a functionary, and was an ordinary member of the party. “Unlike many officials, I did not throw the party ticket, didn’t burn it,” he said. According to him, the ticket member of the Communist party he is still.

On the practice of the ideas of communism and objective attitude towards the history

Putin admitted that he “loved and still love the ideas of Communist, socialist”. As stated by the President, the Soviet Code of the Builder of communism is very similar to the Bible in its ideological content, but “practical implementation of these wonderful ideas in our country was far from what was described socialists-utopians”. In particular, the President recalled the facts of destruction of members of the Royal family, priests, and even the Royal servants. “Why did you kill Dr Botkin, why did you kill the servant? People, in General, of proletarian origin! For what? In order to hide the crime,” Putin said.

Putin has criticized the economic policies of the USSR, but acknowledged that a planned economy has managed to concentrate the resources and to solve problems in health, education and the military-industrial industry. The President urged to objectively analyze the story, ” to avoid the mistakes that were made, in the future.”

On the activities front

Putin stressed that the competent authorities must heed the conclusions of the Russian popular front (onf) made in the preparation of the “index of waste” of the authorities in the regions.

The head of state noted that the popular front is planning to hold in 2016 three of the forum, similar to that passed in Stavropol. “I hope and think it will give the opportunity to share information, to more deeply study and analyze the situation in different regions, to assess what is happening”, – said Putin.

The President expressed confidence that in the process of preparing the forums to onf will join other concerned and active people who have in each settlement. At these sites it will be possible to discuss the issues of improving the availability and quality of health, education and housing, the quality of roads, public procurements, the rights of borrowers. “Involvement of new people from the regions to these and other such projects onf, of course, will benefit our common cause”, – said Putin.

The President also announced that he intends to discuss with the authorities of the regions proposal, which will be prepared on the forums of the popular front.

“The results of your work, after analysing the materials that you are necessarily going to gather in Moscow my colleagues – heads of subjects of Federation, to examine with them your suggestions, to see what really can be implemented. And then at the end of the year we will explore, what has been accomplished by joint efforts, and that there is no, and why,” said the head of state.

Putin pointed out that critical issues that affect the onf activists, care about people, “and this is the most convincing argument to continue your work”.

National proposals for solution of topical problems

Onf activists presented their leader, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin map of solving the problems of the South of Russia and North Caucasus.

“Map included in national proposals to address the most pressing problems of the region,” said co-regional headquarters in the Stavropol region Alexandr Budyak, presenting the card to the head of state. According to her, in the map presented, in particular, proposals in the field of education, health. “Our main goal is not to criticize but to work together and to seek the ways that lead to improving life in our country”, she added.

About the program of development of system of medical ambulance

On the first day of the forum activists of the popular front of Karachay-Cherkessia said about the problems of personnel training paramedic ambulances. In the Republic, such assistance are mostly provided medical assistants, as young doctors often do not return after graduation, or quickly relearn the specialists. “Because of the great responsibility they don’t want to go to work in an ambulance. Need to develop and implement the program, “Zemsky doctor” to attract emergency physicians, according to onf.

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Member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, known children’s doctor Leonid Roshal has called to solve the problem of equipping ambulances “in human and in material terms”.

“Now the Ministry of health, jointly with the National medical chamber reconsider the order, reduced in due time the number of specialized teams of emergency and prescribed the combination of posts. I think soon you will see and breathe more freely. But the fact that the state should be funding provided by the state program of development of the ambulance, – no one doubts there,” said Roshal.

The health Ministry clarify that in 2016 the renewal of the fleet of ambulances will be allocated not less than 3,5 billion rubles. “Today, with the help onf and “United Russia” we, I hope, achieved. Money from the reserve Fund allocated, it will be 3.5 billion rubles, but the amount may be increased up to 5 billion. The question is practically settled, money in 2016 will be allocated for co-financing”, – noted the Deputy Minister of health of Russia Tatyana Yakovleva. According to her, developed a program under which each year the Park of cars “ambulance” must be updated to at least 20%, which requires about 5 billion rubles.

About the dialogue between authorities and society

Russian popular front to broaden the opportunities for citizens ‘ participation in the discussion of the performance of the government, assured the head of the Center of the popular front for the independent monitoring of implementation of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation “national examination” Nikolai Nikolaev. According to him, local officials are resisting the launch of mechanisms of independent evaluation of its activities. “Only seven out of 13 regions of Southern Russia give certain mechanisms of citizen participation in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the regional municipal authorities. As for the independent evaluation of the organization of the social sphere, most often this evaluation takes place by the forces of budgetary organizations, to speak about its effectiveness and independence sooner,” said Nikolaev.

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“We will also continue to work on enhancing the effectiveness of platforms for citizens to participate in the assessment activities of the authorities, to Express their opinion. And finally, we have to learn ourselves and to help citizens to participate fully in the work of these sites. This increases the efficiency of administration and effectiveness of performance “may decrees” of the President of the Russian Federation”, – said Nikolaev.

Dialogue with society is a “key success” of the performance of the government, said in his turn the Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov.

Speaking about the peculiarities of the Caucasus, the Minister said his personality. “Although the Caucasus is a very complicated area and there are a lot of social challenges, I am pleased that today we have heard confirmation of the policy, in which we were supported by the President of the country and which we are implementing, yet it is the development of the real sector of the economy. It is not a panacea, but it is very important, the key segment in order to form inter-ethnic stability,” the Minister said. According to Kuznetsov, it is necessary to “preserve the ethnic and cultural traditions, at the same time, harmoniously interwoven in the inter-ethnic relations, which today are critically important to the development of society, and using it to form strong and the Caucasus, and strong the South of the country, and ultimately a strong competitive country – Russia”.

On the transfer of the construction contracts of Turkish companies

In front called to allocate construction contracts, which led in Russia by Turkish companies, between the Russian builders.

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“In Russia the Turkish campaigns, working on large infrastructure sites, owned contracts to $50 billion Is a huge potential for import substitution and the provision of our people. For the North Caucasus Federal district and southern Federal district on regional level it has huge potential. You need to talk about the job Central for solving large-scale participation of large infrastructural objects in Russia, it has huge potential and it should hold. If we don’t do it yourself, then come other foreign companies”, – said the activist of the popular front branch in the Krasnodar region Eduard Kuznetsov.

Regional dates school holidays

The expert of the popular front, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Alexey Voitov has proposed to allow regional authorities to change the dates of the school holidays depending on the local climate.

“You need to create a system where in different regions or Federal districts school holidays will be differentiated according to climatic and other characteristics. Parents often make plans for the vacation in accordance with the schedule of holidays of children in schools, while holidays across the country, most unified. As a result, most families plan vacations for the same dates,” – said Voitov.

Voitov is confident that this proposal can help “fill the resorts in these districts without reference to the dates of the school holidays”.

Tax holidays in the field of import

Another initiative onf – tax holiday, particularly for small business, which is engaged in import substitution.

“When granting tax holidays for entrepreneurs in the regions have to legislate the priority for import-substituting activities. At the Federal level is necessary to Supplement the list of basic industries that fall under exemptions, and agricultural, which will bring the informal sector from subsistence households that depend on agricultural production. This needs to be done to provide them the opportunity to participate in programs of state support of the village and to become active participants in the execution of orders of the President in the field of import substitution”, – said the activist of the popular front branch in the Rostov region Irina Zagoruiko.

On inter-ethnic relations in southern Russia

Took part in the forum of the popular front, the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities (FADN) Igor Barinov said about the stability of the situation with interethnic relations in the southern regions of Russia. In this case, said Barinov, “we understand that the South of Russia, this region, historically, subjected to the most ambitious challenges and threats, including from the point of view of interethnic and interfaith relations”.

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The outflow of Russian population from the Caucasus will lead to negative processes in the economy, said the head of Department. “Understanding the processes ongoing in the Caucasus have been, but the problems mentioned on the Forum forces us to coordinate, to correct them. For example, speaking of personnel policy, we heard about the Exodus of Russian-speaking population. This is a problem, which if not to do now, will lead to stagnation, lead to negative processes in the economy and in social policy”, – said Barinov.

The head of FADN also called on the political parties to conclude an agreement on refusal from playing the national card in the electoral campaign for the elections to the state Duma. “We see great danger of interethnic and interfaith relations will be used in the elections as the issues that can bring this or that political force any dividends. I think it should be taboo,” – said the head of Department.

The Federal targeted programme for the national policy does not address in full all questions and will be finalized, added the head of Agency on Affairs of nationalities.