The head of the Russian Federal customs service: Russia is ready to cooperate with the European business

The head of the Russian Federal customs service: Russia is ready to cooperate with the European business

BRUSSELS, 26 January. /Corr. Denis Dubrovin/. Russia is open to cooperation with the European business, despite the current political realities in relations between Russia and the EU. This was stated by the head of the Federal customs service of Russia Andrei Belyaninov, speaking Monday night at a seminar for business circles of the States of the Benelux, in Brussels organized by the Belgian-Luxembourg chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus. The seminar was attended by representatives of over 50 European companies.

“Russia remains open for European business”, – said the Belyaninov.

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“Business must continue to play a leading role in ensuring cooperation between Russia and the Benelux countries”, – said the head of the FCS of the Russian Federation. Andrei Belyaninov said that in the context of mutual sanctions relations between Russia and the EU, many niches that were traditionally occupied by European business today, “quickly fill up our Asian partners, since nature abhors a vacuum”.

“It would be a pity to lose those traditions and developed over many years a very useful and mutually beneficial relations, so important in the framework of the existing political realities to find a mutually acceptable conditions for cooperation,” he said.

In turn, the head of the Belgian service of customs and excise under the Ministry of Finance Christian Vanderveen stressed that in the conditions of existing sanctions, “the Belgians did not intend to abandon the partnership with Russia”. He stressed that Belgium is the fifth exporter of goods to Russia among EU member States.

During the seminar were presented in detail numerous projects to improve the quality and efficiency of the Russian customs administration through the use of information technologies, in particular in the field of customs Declaration of goods or mutual recognition of the state customs service of the Russian Federation and of the States of the Benelux results of customs control.

The European business representatives were also acquainted with changes of customs legislation of Russia in connection with the expansion of the Eurasian economic Union and was able to get answers “first hand” to all their questions.