The Russian Federation may limit the import of products of Moldovan companies, seen in the re-export from the EU

The Russian Federation may limit the import of products of Moldovan companies, seen in the re-export from the EU

MOSCOW, January 26. The Rosselkhoznadzor has not excluded the restrictions on the import of plant products from Moldova, seen in the re-export of goods from the sanctions of the EU. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry.

“Today is a special concern that products coming from the territory of Moldova. The volumes of plant products, as well as its morphology suggests that under the guise of products produced in Moldova, comes with European products. In this vein, the Rosselkhoznadzor does not exclude the possibility of imposing restrictions on the importation of such products for companies that have already been seen in the implementation of such illegal acts”, – underlined in the message.

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In addition, the Agency intends to send to Moldova experts to familiarize themselves with the production of plant products intended for export to Russia.

This topic was discussed at the meeting of head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert and Director Main state Inspectorate for seed production, quarantine and plant protection of Belarus Leonid Pleshko. The Russian side noted that last month a positive trend in decreasing the flow of illegal products imported from the territory of Belarus with forged phytosanitary certificates of the countries of origin. However, the facts of smuggling of falsified documents, sanctions products prohibited for import to Russia, are still.

According to Russian authorities, the Belarusian side should be more responsible approach to the verification of incoming goods from the EU. “In particular, it is recommended to rely on the review of supporting documents, but also elementary logic, especially in cases when a certain area receives the products, not country-specific in their morphological properties”, – stated in the message.

The Belarusian side informed the Rosselkhoznadzor about that for the last month quarantine service has been tested over thousands of phytosanitary certificates, of which 48 cases were revealed the facts of falsification of documents. These products have been prohibited for import to the territory of Belarus.