The state Duma intends to ban election candidates to campaign on a “false face”

The state Duma intends to ban election candidates to campaign on a “false face”

MOSCOW, January 26. The state Duma will consider on January 26 in first reading a bill prohibiting candidates for election the use of “the image of the other – famous – person” for campaigning among voters. The initiative was introduced by deputies of the LDPR faction headed by its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

We are talking about amendments to the law on basic guarantees of electoral rights and on elections of deputies of the state Duma. The bill, as explained by one of its authors, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev, stipulates that “no candidate for election will not be able to hide behind your beautiful photo with the President, Governor, or other known person”. “Photos only direct candidates can be used during the election campaign and no one else,” he said.

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In particular, the bill stipulates that elections to campaign materials allowed by the electoral Association of images put forward candidates, and the candidate is only their own images.

“During the referendum campaign to the use of the image materials of the physical person is possible only with its written consent. The document confirming the consent, is submitted to the referendum Commission together with copies of propaganda materials”, – stated in the amendments. At the same time the bill introduces a ban on official “statements of individuals who by Federal law is forbidden to carry out election agitation, agitation on referendum” in pre-election articles and the rollers.

“The meaning and purpose of these legislative initiatives is that voters saw their candidates, focused on their election program, not on your emotions”, – told the journalists the state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

The law, if adopted, will come into force after official publication.