Gazprom, Rosneft and Sberbank became the most expensive companies in Russia

Gazprom, Rosneft and Sberbank became the most expensive companies in Russia

The capitalization of “Gazprom” at the end of 2015 amounted to 44,3 billion dollars. Rosneft was in second place. Closes the three leaders Sberbank, which increased its value in the market to 30 billion dollars.

MOSCOW, 27 Jan. Oil and gas giants Gazprom and Rosneft, as well as the largest state Bank of RF Sberbank topped the list of most expensive Russian companies by the end of 2015, prepared by the rating Agency RIA Rating of the media group “Russia today” on the basis of the data of the Moscow exchange and foreign trading platforms.

The leader of the rating became the world’s largest gas producer Gazprom, whose capitalization at the end of 2015 amounted to 44,3 billion dollars. In second place is the leader of the Russian oil production — Rosneft with a market capitalization of 37.3 billion dollars. By the end of 2015 in the top three came in, rising from sixth position a year earlier, the leader of the Russian banking sector – Sberbank, increasing their value in the market to 30 billion dollars.

In the top ten were also LUKOIL, NOVATEK, MMC Norilsk Nickel, Surgutneftegaz, “Magnet”, VTB and “Gazprom Neft”. In General, the cost of 100 most expensive companies of Russia, according to experts RIA Rating, for the year decreased by 6.7% to 402,7 billion.

“The fall, it should be noted, is quite small, especially given the depreciation of the ruble and macroeconomic factors. Probably the market was close to “bottom” a year ago, when dropped by 47%, and fundamental factors did not allow in 2015 to continue the decline and so is largely underestimated by global standards companies of Russia”, — noted the experts of the rating Agency.

Leaders and outsiders

With 45 companies from the list during the year were able to increase their capitalisation, whereas a year ago the figure was only 12. The leader of growth in value among the Top 100 companies of the rating Bank URALSIB. Capitalization of the Bank during the year increased more than four times that determined a low base, and mainly the decision about financial rehabilitation of the Bank by a private investor with the help of state funds at the end of 2015.

Three times increased its market value “United aircraft Corporation” (UAC). The company held in 2015 an additional issue 104 billion rubles amid rising deliveries of aircraft and high potential to increase income. A significant increase in the cost due to various reasons has also shown Rusagro, NCSP, “the pole Gold” and “Mechel”. The growth of capitalization of all these companies has exceeded 100%.

The largest decline in the capitalization in 2015, from companies which were rated, showed “STS Media”. The capitalization of the company for the year decreased by 62%. The reasons for the decline, according to experts RIA Rating, have been associated with the influence of the imposed restrictions on ownership in the media by foreigners, which the company had to sell part of the operations of the business and is obvious in the current environment a reduction of the advertising market, which resulted in a drop of revenue of media companies.

Among leaders of decrease have appeared and companies affected during the crisis of the steel industry — RUSAL and Evraz, as well as “OK”, falling stronger than the other competitors in the segment of retail, and MOESK.

2015 the past year was difficult for the Russian economy and Russian business. Negative macroeconomic environment, the fall in world commodity markets, the depreciation of the ruble and capital outflows continued to have an impact on the economic performance and value of Russian companies.

And the picture was largely the continuation of a difficult 2014. However, not all Russian companies showed a fall of its value. Was observed the reverse situation, which was due both to the increase of business efficiency and the market revaluation of its priorities in different economic sectors.