The agriculture Ministry is discussing the introduction of export duties on corn and barley

MOSCOW, January 27. The agriculture Ministry is discussing the introduction of export duties on corn and barley, reported on Wednesday to journalists the first Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Evgeny Gromyko.

“We are discussing it, but we will not talk about it,” said he, answering the question about the possibility of the imposition of duties.

The government has already introduced an export duty on wheat from 1 July 2015. The reason for this was the growing activity of exporters, which increased the sale of grain to foreign markets for the currency, and sought thus to benefit from the sharp fall of the ruble. Rate of duty denominated in roubles, and its size was 50% of the customs value minus 5.5 thousand rubles per 1 ton, but not less than 50 rubles per ton.

From 1 October the government changed the export duty on wheat. The deductible was increased from 5.5 thousand to 6,5 thousand roubles for ton. The minimum amount of duty reduced from 50 to 10 rubles per ton. It was noted that such decision will allow to support the export potential of Russian grain to maintain a balance between the internal market of agricultural products and the necessary level of yield of grain crops.

However, at present the Ministry is preparing another proposal to amend the export duty on wheat, which will present Friday at a meeting in the government. Details of the proposals of the Ministry are as yet unknown.

According to the agriculture Ministry, in the current agricultural year Russia exports about 30 million tons of grain.

The grain harvest in the Russian Federation

Gromyko also noted that the grain harvest in Russia should be not less than 105 million tons.

“In plant breeding is necessary to maintain grain production at the level not lower than 105 million tons,” he said.

By the end of 2015 grain harvest in Russia amounted to 104,3 million tons.