The Governor of Sevastopol urged not to arrange from his report show

The Governor of Sevastopol urged not to arrange from his report show

Yesterday deputies of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol has postponed consideration of the report of the government due to the absence Menyailo. The Sevastopol Governor said he was ready at any time to report, if he has a list of questions.

SEVASTOPOL, 27 Dec –. The Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo said that he was ready to make a report on the work of the government to the legislative Assembly, however this to be a talk show is not permissible.

Members of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol on Tuesday postponed consideration of a government report over the past year due to the absence Menyailo. The Chairman of the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly said that the Governor deliberately refuses to report.

“Report of the Governor is not a political discussion, not a talk show where you can ask any questions from the audience. I must first get the list of issues and the related regulations. Under these conditions I am ready any time to come to the legislature and to submit its report,” — said Menyailo.

The Governor stressed that in December advised the legislature that for the report to be taken in accordance with applicable law and regulations list of issues of interest to the deputies.

Chaly on Tuesday filed a resignation at the end of December, he motivated this decision to the failure of development programs to the city’s legislative and Executive branches.

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