The oilers asked the energy Ministry to leave the industry alone

Moscow. January 27. Oil companies during the annual meeting with the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said not to touch the industry, told reporters the head of “Bashneft” Alexander Korsik.

“The most active proposal of the oil companies at the meeting – leave the industry alone”, – he told journalists.

“The General impression in the country that unless some of decisions, probably, oil production in 2016 will remain at current limits,” Korsik said.

“The meeting discussed the levels of investment, the production of what might happen in the market that we think in relation to oil prices, as to make oil prices would be higher”, – he said.

In turn, the head of “Transneft” Nikolay Tokarev on the results of the meeting told journalists that the heads of oil companies of the Russian Federation consider it necessary to hold negotiations with Saudi Arabia to increase oil prices.

“In my opinion, very constructive meeting was held. There were many good ideas voiced, in particular, there was a talk about the price of oil, and what steps we should collectively take to change the situation for the best, including negotiations, as part of OPEC, and bilateral options,” – said the head of “Transneft”.

“The main initiatives here take the Saudi office, this is the main negotiators. This means that with them this topic should be discussed”, – said Mr. Tokarev.