Moscow calls on Germany to provide information on the case about the girl Lisa

Moscow calls on Germany to provide information on the case about the girl Lisa

ASHGABAT, January 28. Moscow calls on Germany to provide information in the case of the girl Lisa, the disappearance of which in Berlin has caused a wide public resonance. According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, this will help to avoid misunderstandings between the parties.

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“I am convinced that, if provided with the necessary information by the relevant authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany, will be less misunderstanding”, – said on Thursday to journalists Lavrov in Ashgabat.

“Since we are talking about the citizen of the Russian Federation we have the right not just wait until the investigation is complete, we need all the norms that exist in a civilized world, to be informed about a particular incident that happens to the citizens of the Russian Federation, which in this case was not done in a timely manner. That is why I had different interpretations of this situation,” he added.

The Minister added that “in this case, we learned some of the information from the official agencies of Germany, and the first from Russian speaking community, then a lawyer of that family, then the parents of Lisa”.

“I am sure that there will be more transparency, the more information about our citizens who are in an irregular situation, the more serious the situation, the better for our relationship and no one else will have to arise some questions about what constitutes propaganda and what constitutes interference in the internal Affairs”,- said Lavrov.

However, he added that could not agree with the fact that the German foreign Minister responded harshly to his statements during a press conference on Tuesday at the end of 2015. “I can’t agree with what Frank-Walter Steinmeier once responded harshly to my comments. He said I need to wait for the investigation results and not to foster propaganda campaign in the media. We exactly about this and ask for the results of the investigation as soon as possible appeared”, – concluded Lavrov.

About the history of the 13-year-old schoolgirl Lisa last week told Russian First channel. With reference to the relatives of the girl he said that she was allegedly raped by migrants. Police confirmed that the girl really one day were missing, but later found. The official statement of the custody order stated that the investigation did not establish any fact of theft or rape.

The case got wide publicity as social media began to proliferate rumors that the police were allegedly not taking legal action. The guards have stated that they categorically will not allow to accuse him of inaction.