Rosstat: Russia took 3rd place inflation among major economies in the world in 2015

Rosstat: Russia took 3rd place inflation among major economies in the world in 2015

MOSCOW, January 28. Russia by the end of 2015 ranked third among major economies in the world after Ukraine and Kazakhstan for growth of prices of consumer goods. Such data follow from the operational data of Rosstat.

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Inflation in Russia in 2015 was 12.9%, in Ukraine – 43.3%, and in Kazakhstan – 13,6%.

Thus by the end of 2015 deflation was observed in Bulgaria (-0,9%), Spain (-0.1%) and in Cyprus (of -0.6%), Lithuania (-0.3% mom), Poland (-0,5%), Romania (-0,7%), Slovakia (-0,5%), Slovenia (-0,6%), Finland (-0,3%), Croatia (-0,3%), Czech Republic (-0.1%) and Estonia (-0.2 percent), Armenia (-0.1%) and Switzerland (of 1.4%).

At the same time, 25 countries under consideration showed inflation in 2015, including in the US (+0.7 percent), Germany (+0.2%) and France (+0,3%), Belarus (+12%), Turkey (+8.8 per cent).

In December 2015, the highest increase of consumer prices against the previous month was recorded in Armenia (1.7 per cent), Kazakhstan and Belarus (1,2%); by December 2014, in Ukraine (43,3%), Kazakhstan (13.6 per cent) and Belarus (12%).

In some States, the EU, Canada, Norway, USA, Switzerland in December of last year was registered a decline in consumer prices (by 0.1-0.7% compared with the previous month).

In many EU countries in December 2015, the consumer price of food products continued to decline. The most notable price drop compared with November of last year was observed in Cyprus (2.1%), in Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia (0.8-1%).

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However, in some countries, the products has risen, for example, in Denmark – on average by 0.6%, Austria and Romania – 0.3%.

In Russia in December of 2015, consumer prices for food products increased compared with the previous month by 1.4% (in the EU decreased by 0.2%); for the period from the beginning of 2015 – by 14.3% (in the EU were higher by 0.3%).

In December last year the EU was marked by the growth of consumer prices on fish and seafood. Most notably the prices of this product group increased in Ireland (by 2.8% compared with November 2015), Spain, France and Latvia (by 1.5-1.9 per cent).

Prices for oils and fats rose by 0.9% (the average for the EU – fell by 0.1%), fish and seafood – by 0.7% (in the EU increased by 0.9%), bakery products and groats – by 0.5% (the average for the EU – has not changed).