Sands: a ready solution to the problem of the exchange of food don’t have

Sands: a ready solution to the problem of the exchange of food don’t have

MOSCOW, January 28. The situation with the currency is food in the field of view of the Russian government and the Kremlin administration, however, ready-made recipes to solve this problem yet.

This was stated by President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of journalists, whether in the Kremlin over the protests of the exchange of food.

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“Of course, it is in the field of view, first of all, the government and the administration. But to say that there are ready recipes for the solution of this problem is not possible”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Recognizing this problem, – Putin has urged not to forget “what it (the loan in foreign currency) was the selection and sizing of those people who assumed obligations on the terms that now lead to a very difficult situation”.

He added that this is one of the problems faced by people “on the background of the difficulties now experienced”.

Putin’s Statement

Last autumn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that borrowers who have taken out mortgages in the currency, took the risk, but people need help. “Certainly, what people need to help. This applies to housing only. You have to look carefully and to avoid some wild cases and take a decision on settlement of this situation”, – said the head of state.

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Putin recalled that “the government has repeatedly appealed to the citizens not to take foreign currency mortgage loans”, because those who receive wages in rubles, less risks when making ruble loans, “because from these exchange rate fluctuations no one is safe”.

“And if they take (loans), how would they take the risks, – said Putin. – The price of oil fluctuates, accordingly, the value of the rouble fluctuates. Now we develop the program, but if the ruble will be strengthened, then what to do? The problem is not so simple”.