The people’s Bank “mail of Russia” will make a profit late

The people’s Bank “mail of Russia” will make a profit late

MOSCOW, January 28. The development strategy of “Post Bank”, the documents about which creation was signed today at the site of the head of “mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnova and head of VTB24 Bank Mikhail Zadornov, will be ready by mid-2016. Oriented public service the postal Bank will not bring profit in the near future. By the end of this year, the Bank expects the financial result at the level of zero, then a gradual increase in profit. By 2023 it is expected to reach 20 billion rubles.

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“Mail of Russia” and VTB24 signed a package of documents on creation of “Post Bank”

The new strategy “Post Bank” be approved in the first half of 2016, said the President – Chairman of VTB24 Mikhail Zadornov during the ceremony of signing documents on creation of “Post Bank”. According to him, the indicators of investment volumes by VTB24 in 2016 will be refined, including in connection with the exchange rate, and will be about 16 to 20 billion rubles Per share for the sale of 50% minus one share “Summer-Bank” subsidiary of Russian post, the VTB group will receive 5.5 billion rubles.

The first products and the new customers of the Bank

It is assumed that “Mail Bank” will start to provide banking services to the public in March 2016, the new offices will have a basic set of products and services that are currently in “Summer Bank”. Customers will have the opportunity to open a Deposit, apply for a Bank card, get credit. It is possible that in the future the Bank can offer premium products, but also to sell Federal loan bonds (OFZ) for population, if a corresponding project is launched. The Finance Ministry is actively considering the issue in 2016 special debt instrument for the population with a special order of placement and circulation, the volume of which could reach 30 billion rubles. it is Expected that the state bonds for the population will be similar to Bank deposits, the maturity is 3-5 years.

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The Minister expects the closed transaction to create “Post Bank” until the end of the year

The agreement on creation of “Post Bank” will be signed before the end of the year or in January 2016.

The Chapter “Summer-Bank” Dmitry Rudenko, who will lead postal Bank, said: “the Goal is to quickly cover the maximum territory and to allow citizens in any city, including in a very small just to open an account may be to transfer his salary, maybe a pension, savings and term deposits”.

In addition to customers from the street, a significant share can be employees of Mail of Russia and pensioners who are at the service of the post office. According to Rudenko, the proportion of pensioners in the customer base of the new Bank in the 8-10 year horizon would be 30%. Prepares Bank and payroll programs. Service in post Bank can go 250 thousand employees of the post office. General Director of “mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov said that currently several banks offer payroll cards to the company.

The first year at zero

However, despite an exit of Bank on the banking market, earn profit in current year postal Bank is unlikely, although earlier, the VTB group relied on the positive result already in the first year of operation. “Financial result “Post Bank” by the end of 2016 should be zero”, – said Dmitry Rudenko. According to him, the part of the business “Summer-Bank”, which will be included in the postal Bank, will be profitable part of the business, which will be included in the Bank from the post office, will be unprofitable. “The task is to sum these two business plans by the end of 2016 was at least near zero,” – said Rudenko.

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On the Bank’s financial result will have an impact the fact that the development and equipment of post office Bank would have much to spend on the purchase of foreign equipment, the cost of which has increased almost twice due to the devaluation of the ruble. “Given the exchange rate ATMs have risen about twice, but the Russian manufacturer, no,” regretted Rudenko. According to him, only the size of the investment in the installation of POS terminals on the entire network address may amount to 1.5 billion rubles.

In subsequent years, the Bank already expects to achieve positive financial result. “In 2016 – zero, then begins to earn”, – said Rudenko. By the end of 2023, the postal Bank shall receive in the region of 20 billion rubles, to increase credit portfolio up to 400 billion rubles., Deposit up to 600 billion rubles.

Benefits for mail

The development of financial services based on their outlets will enable postal administrations to receive additional income.

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As noted by Dmitry Strashnov, the launch of the Bank will allow “Mail of Russia” to earn additional funds, which, including, will be directed to increase salaries of employees. In particular, in 2016 “Mail of Russia” can receive infrastructure payment for the use of post offices of less than 1 billion rubles.

“The creation of “Post Bank” will increase the availability of financial services for people throughout the country and will attract to the economy of funds, which are the population in cashflow, and also intensify competition in the financial services market,” said Strashnov.