The speaker presented the regulations to the Commission for the substitution

The speaker presented the regulations to the Commission for the substitution

The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev predstavil the rules of procedure of the Commission for the substitution and told how to get approval for the purchase of imports for projects with goldengame.

St. PETERSBURG, 28 Jan. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the members of the government in agreeing the rules of procedure of the Commission on import substitution to establish as much as possible short terms of consideration of applications from companies for the purchase of imported equipment for projects with government funding.

At the Thursday meeting of the government Commission on import substitution, economic development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev presented the rules of the Commission.

Want Goldener – buy domestic

“I remind you that the object of our Commission are the investment projects that implement either the state Corporation and state-owned companies, in cases when exceeds the total amount of 10 billion rubles, and the FEC — 100 billion rubles, the company or private business who work on projects with funds at least partially Federal budget, NWF, or VEB,” — said Ulyukayev.

According to him, it is about 70 with small projects. The rules establish the procedure for the adoption of principal decisions of the Commission on three basic positions: the inclusion of investment project into the register; the second is the harmonization of operational characteristics of products of mechanical engineering, which will be included in the list of future needs for these projects; the third is the coordination of purchases of separate types of engineering products abroad, if not of appropriate quality domestic counterparts to engage in the project, said the Minister.

The speaker explained that the inclusion of projects in the registry is the basis for the formation of a plan for future needs and contains all the necessary information on the project. He noted that the order of the government installed 11 positions of engineering products, purchases which cannot be implemented without approval by the Commission.

“With regard to harmonization of procurement abroad, we have a government Directive has established 139 positions in product engineering, the purchase of which for the implementation of these projects cannot be implemented outside the Russian Federation without the consent of the Commission,” the Minister said. The assessment of the possible harmonization of procurement or non-implementation gives the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.

“If there is a view that is consistent purchase outside Russia, then without any delay, the state Commission may make such a decision. A more complicated procedure occurs, if the Ministry of industry said about the inadvisability of purchasing abroad. In this case, it suggests that there is a Russian producer and gives a kind of assurance that the manufacturer is able to deliver products of the quality required for the project realization”, — said the head of the Ministry of economic development.

Ulyukayev said that in some cases where foreign equipment is cheaper than domestic counterparts, it is proposed the Cabinet to take measures of state support of domestic producers to equalize price points.

“We have some technical disagreements with some of the agencies on the timing of the consideration of the relevant issues. We tried to adhere to the rigidity of the deadline, in order not to freeze the implementation of those very important projects and not create additional administrative barriers. However, some colleagues say that these terms should be increased”, — the Minister added. He asked for several days for this issue to completely settled.

The shorter the timeframe, the better

In turn, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recalled that when the idea of establishing such a procedure for consideration of investment projects, the company expressed concern that this order will bind them hand and foot.

“He will create impassable problems, which and Russian suppliers do not put, and from abroad will not give anything to bring. Here we need to create an arrangement that will work. I hope that all of what you said, reflects a balance of this kind of approaches,” Medvedev said.

“As for the timing, the shorter these periods are, the better. And this is absolutely clear. I ask you all to complete and submit this regulation”, — added the Prime Minister.