Kasyanov suggested that the “Apple” to conclude an Alliance, the leader “the Apple” does not exclude a single list

MOSCOW, January 29. The leader of the party Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov suggested that the Yabloko party to create a political Union. He reported about it on Friday. For its part, the Chairman of the “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov welcomed the statement and Kasyanov did not rule out the possibility of creating a unified party list in the elections to the state Duma.

“Our offer “the Apple” – to enter into political Union. We don’t consider Apple a competitor, we do a public proposal to conclude a political Union,” said Kaseinov. To the question, “Parnassus” to discuss the formation of a single party list on elections in the state Duma, the interlocutor of the Agency noted that “political Union is broader than the formation of the list”. “We are ready to discuss everything, any mechanisms for the enforcement of political will”, – said the politician.

For its part, the Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov said that he welcomes the statement Kasyanov, and did not rule out the possibility of nominating a single party list. “I am very glad this statement (Kasyanov). We will discuss the principles of creating a political Union. This statement is a good sign” – she said, commenting on the Chapter “Parnassus”.

“We have to design the list not yet decided. Most importantly, he was effective. Let’s see what vision the candidates and our colleagues, – said Slobounov. – I exclude nothing”.

However, Slabunov indicated that “the list is not an end in itself”. “He must be victorious,” emphasized the Chairman of the “Yabloko”.

“If we see that a significant electoral candidate, can win, and the democratic the looks of it, we have no doubt, is one question. If we get offered people who are “dragged” down the list, why? To say that we finally came together? No, we need a victory”, concluded Slabunov.

Earlier the political Affairs Committee of the Yabloko called the party “Parnassus” competitor in parliamentary elections, but expressed willingness to discuss the breeding of candidates in single-mandate constituencies.