New anti-crisis plan has left banks without the support of

Moscow. January 29. The economic development Ministry on Friday night to submit to the government revised anti-crisis plan, which will be discussed at the level of Deputy Prime Ministers next week, so there may be further corrections, told reporters Deputy economic development Minister Oleg Fomichev.

In its current form is almost anti-crisis plan stipulates support for banks, assistance will be allocated to the sectors of the economy. In particular, according to the Deputy Minister, may provide additional 21 billion roubles for the estate.

“Tonight we will present to the government. In the government it will be (finalized plan) still to be discussed Deputy Prime Ministers, the plan, and next week is already taking into account the position of Vice-premiers we will finalize it,” he said.

As previously reported, the total cost of the anti-crisis plan is 750 billion rubles, the amount takes into account the budgeted 310 billion rubles of loans to subjects of the Russian Federation.