Serbian apples stuck on the border because of differences in transportation between Russia and Poland

Serbian apples stuck on the border because of differences in transportation between Russia and Poland

MOSCOW, January 29. /Corr. Maria Dorokhina, Ksenia Petrova/. Disagreements between Russia and Poland for the mutual regulation of trucking led to the first supply disruption. On the border of Poland “stuck” Serbian apples EN route to Russia by transit through the Polish territory, the sources said in several national retail chains.

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Cargo autotransportations between Russia and Poland can be suspended from February 1

“There were difficulties with crossing the Polish border for the transport of products from Serbia”, – said the representative of one of the retailers, adding that while we are talking about apples. According to him, the problem is with the Polish side, which does not give the trucks permission to travel.

However, suppliers have begun to notify retailers about possible disruptions in the supply of fruit and vegetables from Serbia, a source in other commercial chains. “But we do not predict collapse. Not live on the island, you can drive around. However, then the shipment will increase,” the source said.

The main transit point

In the summer of 2014, Russia closed the market for fruit and vegetables from Poland imposed countersanctions against the EU, but the country is a major transit point on the way of production from Europe to Russia. In addition, the Russian market continues to present Polish products that are not banned, is chocolate, mustard and a range of related products. In case of suspension of freight road transport between Russia and Poland, the goods will be delivered via the Baltic countries, say sources in the trade networks.

Serbia has become one of the countries that replaced on the shelves of Russian embargoed European products. According to the Federal customs service (FCS) of the Russian Federation, in 2015, Serbia has put to Russia of vegetables and root crops 16.5 million, fruits and nuts – 2.7 million dollars.

As reported, on January 31 terminates the validity of the previous agreements between Russia and Poland on cross-border cargo transportation. If the parties do not resolve the situation, then trucking between countries can be suspended from 1 February, said the Director General of the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP) Andrew Kurushin.