Slanderous campaign: Russia is waiting for clarification USA of words against Putin

Slanderous campaign: Russia is waiting for clarification USA of words against Putin

This week the Treasury representative called the President of Russia “the personification of corruption.” Later the White house said that this position reflects the vision of American President. Such statements did not go unnoticed in Moscow, which called for Washington to give explanations regarding statements of the White house.

MOSCOW, 29 APR –. The Kremlin reacted to the statements of the U.S. Treasury and the White house to the Russian President, calling them preparations for presidential elections in 2018 and the beginning of a defamatory campaign against Vladimir Putin, who has not even decided whether to participate in them.

Putin himself already familiar with the statements of Washington in the address and considers them to be inappropriate and unacceptable, according to the Kremlin. The US leadership is still able to explain the statements of the White house.

As it was

This week the representative of the Ministry of the Treasury Adam Shubin involved in the anti-Russian sanctions, called the President of the Russian Federation “the embodiment of corruption”, which according to him, it has long been known to the American authorities.

Then Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that these unsubstantiated accusations by the U.S. Treasury casts a pall over the office and demand proof. On the same day the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov called the reports “nonsense and nonsense”, needs no comments. Responded and in the Duma, calling the statement a lie against Russia.

On Thursday, White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that the position of the U.S. Treasury reflects the vision of American President. He also stated that the responsibility for the imposition of sanctions, including against Russian President lies with the U.S. Treasury Department. Later, an informed source in Washington said that the interview was recorded in the summer of 2015 and had no relation to any specific time.

For such fire

Following statements by Ernest in the Kremlin said tougher. Peskov called his remarks an unprecedented, outrageous and offensive, and not only from the point of view of bilateral relations.

“The statement made by my colleagues in the White house we view as unacceptable both from the point of view of the General practice of international relations, and from the point of view of bilateral Russian-American relations. We believe this statement is outrageous and offensive,” he told reporters Sands.

He called voiced against Putin insults are unfounded, that, according to Peskov, obviously. The press Secretary also said that the statement from Washington easily lend itself to some analysis and if he allowed himself such remarks against the US President, he’d get fired.

Peskov also noted that statements by American officials affects the Russians, supporting the President of their country. According to him, all these applications are automatically projected at least 100 million people who live in Russia and fully support President Putin.

Defamatory campaign

In the Kremlin told and what they regard as the cause of these statements. According to Peskov, the U.S. began preparations for the presidential elections in Russia, despite the fact that they will be held only after two years. In this regard, according to him, the negative is accumulated in respect of a serving head of state, which is used to influence the course of future campaigns. The subject of Russia and the theme of Putin, Peskov said, are already “in the domestic electoral game the USA”, where all the race fall with criticism.

Thus Peskov noted that in the US do not even know whether Putin to run for another term, but just in case “slanderous campaign has already begun”. Putin himself, according to his press Secretary, has not yet decided on its participation in elections — and with statements in the address was read and considered them inappropriate and unacceptable.

Moscow is ready to listen to explanations from Washington about the White house statements, Peskov said. Waiting for clarification from the U.S. administration, hoping that there will arise a need to make them, he added.