The Kremlin has not yet formulated a position on the topic reservoirs

The Kremlin has not yet formulated a position on the topic reservoirs

MOSCOW, January 29. The Kremlin has not yet formulated its position on the subject of regulating the activities of collection agencies, as currently this issue is being discussed on the platform of the Parliament.

Today this business has actually turned into a criminal. Increasingly we hear about the absolutely egregious cases knocking out debt. Given that the amount of overdue debt on loans grows, the tangle of problems in this area will grow, as a snowball

Valentina Matvienko
the Chairman of the Federation Council

The journalists said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the number of incidents in which was involved the collectors.

He noted that this topic “is under discussion in the state Duma”, where several factions are discussing further regulation of collectors “and questioned the appropriateness in General of the existence of such agencies.”

“This work is now underway in Parliament, in this case, we do not have to go ahead and formulate some sort of position. Let’s wait till that our MPs will formulate its position,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

The bill

The Ministry is finalizing the bill collectors, and negotiates the position with interested parties.

“Position on the bill from various stakeholders, such as professional market participants, system lenders, borrowers, mixed and contradictory. In the Ministry of economic development currently is working to develop optimum solutions taking into account the interests of all parties in this process”, – noted in the Ministry.

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Currently under the revision of the bill taking into account the comments received as part of the regulatory impact assessment and the comments from the coauthors of the Federal Executive authorities, reported to the MAYOR.

The work on the draft law on collection activity is for more than five years. The document designer is the Ministry of economic development. Earlier, Deputy economic development Minister Nikolai Podguzov reported that the Ministry hoped to bring the bill to the government in November 2015. However, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, a negative review on it gave the Council for codification and enhancement of civil legislation.

However, in the state Duma on consideration there are several documents on the subject. The authors of one of them – deputies of the LDPR faction headed by its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky – propose to prohibit collection activity and to impose millions in fines for the assignment of debts. Deputies of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg introduced a bill, according to which the claims of the creditor to the borrower on the repayment of indebtedness incurred under the agreement of a consumer loan (loan) should only be considered in court.