The permanent representative of the Russian Federation: the first day of talks in Geneva showed a constructive approach of the Syrian government

The permanent representative of the Russian Federation: the first day of talks in Geneva showed a constructive approach of the Syrian government

GENEVA, January 29. First day of peace talks on Syria in Geneva showed that the official Damascus is configured constructively, what can be said about support by Riyadh for the opposition, which still continues to be in Saudi Arabia.

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This was stated to journalists by the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN office and other international organizations in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin at the end of the meeting with the head of the delegation of the Syrian government, Bashar ja’afari.

“The main outcome of the first day of negotiations that it has arrived the governmental delegation of Syria and met with de Mistura. This is evidence that the government has adopted a constructive position, ready to negotiate and will show the necessary constructive approach to achieving positive results in the interests of the Syrian people,” the diplomat said.

“As for the group, which formed in Riyadh, they, to our knowledge, are still in the capital of Saudi Arabia, and continue to put forward any preliminary conditions, the expression of non-constructive, – he stressed. In UN security Council resolution 2254 States that no preconditions, no one should put forward”.

The Kurdish issue

The Borodavkin believes it is important to participate in the negotiations of the Syrian Kurds, which at this stage excluded from the peace process because of pressure from Turkey and supports their invitation in Geneva.

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The head of the party of Syrian Kurds said that they have not received an invitation to talks in Geneva

The Russian Federation supported the participation of Kurds in the unity of the Syrian Patriotic opposition on the platform

“Those oppositionists who were meeting in Moscow and in Cairo, have merged and now appear as a single list. This Moscow-Cairo group insists that the negotiations were representatives of the Syrian Kurds, said the diplomat. – We supported it because none of the items on the agenda, it is not possible to discuss without the Syrian Kurds”.

“Some regional powers demand that the Kurds were excluded. We believe that this blackmail to succumb should not be,” said Borodavkin.

According to him, the agreement on the participation of Syrian Kurds in the negotiations in Geneva continues. “Those (opposition) who gathered in Moscow and Cairo have agreed to perform together. They demand that the Syrian Kurds were included in the delegation, he said. – While there is a coordination of this complicated issue”.

The unity of views of Russia and Syria

According to the envoy, Russia and Syria agree that the inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva, requires flexibility and a constructive approach. “The dialogue was very constructive, on most issues related to the beginning of negotiations, we have a single point of view: to behave constructively, to show the necessary flexibility and to reach agreements with the opposition in the interests of the Syrian people,” the diplomat said, summing up the talks with Jaafari.

Roast the beginning of February

The diplomat, weekend talks should calm down to start to gain momentum next week. So, according to Borodavkin, 1-2 February must pass de Mistura meeting with representatives of the moderate opposition “by appointment, these appointments must be next week on Monday-Tuesday,” he said.

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The first of January in Geneva is expected to arrive and Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov. “On Monday there will arrive the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Gennady Gatilov,” he said. Speaking about the representation of other countries affiliated to the International support group for Syria (MGPS), Borodavkin said in Geneva is the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for the Middle East Ann Peterson.

“As far as I know, all the countries of MGPS and even those that are not included in MGPS” said Borodavkin. According to him, the role of representatives of these countries will be primarily Supervisory. “They need to understand what is happening and to report back to their capitals, what’s going on,” – said the Russian diplomat.

The first outcome of the current round, he said, will be announced at the meeting of the International support group Syria in Munich. It is scheduled for February 11. The same time, the diplomat hopes that “progress” in relation to the formation of the list of terrorist organizations, which can not be invited to Geneva. On this issue among members MGPS while there is no consensus.

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