REC: Russians should pay attention to the production in India

REC: Russians should pay attention to the production in India

You need to consider in order to make the Russian economy more demand-driven, with localized production, Assembly could be a solution, said Director of international projects REC Mikhail Mamonov.

NEW DELHI, 30 Jan. Russian companies should target specific projects in India, including Assembly production, taking into account local realities, and not to sell finished products, said the Director of international projects of the Russian export of the center Mikhail Mamonov.

“Intergovernmental cooperation is not always perfect. In the period between intergovernmental commissions is a large amount of time required to complete specific projects. Therefore, our mission is to fill this time with concrete projects,” Mamonov said at the panel session of the St. Petersburg economic forum within the framework of the business program the Economic Times Global Business Summit in new Delhi.

“We also believe that we need to adjust our industry to the Indian realities and priorities. Russian export has always focused on the proposal: we have this and this, please, take it. I don’t think this is very true. You need to consider in order to make it more demand-oriented, open to ideas (Prime Minister Narendra) modi (“Make in India”). Localized production, Assembly could be a solution,” he added.

Mamonov reminded that Russia has positive experience in the Assembly of Ka-226T helicopters in India, a promising project of Rosatom, Renova is pioneering the solar market.

“There are many specific projects and areas of cooperation on which we should focus. What we need from India is to suggest in what areas we, do you think that we are competitive and can provide new solutions”, he concluded.

The first session of the forum held on the sidelines of the event The Global Business Summit, the organizers of the sessions are the Foundation “Recongress” and the media holding The Times of India. Discussion of economic and investment cooperation between Russia and India will continue on the jubilee forum, which will take place 16 — 18 June at the new venue Expoforum.