The Communist party plans to hold pre-election Congress in June

The Communist party plans to hold pre-election Congress in June

First, the Communist party is planning to hold a Plenum, which will be determined the approximate date of the Congress, said Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov. According to him, the date will depend on when we will see the presidential decree on the election date.

MOSCOW, 30 APR –. The Communist party of Russia plans in June to hold the Congress before the elections to the state Duma, and in the meantime has almost completed the selection of potential candidates in single-mandate constituencies, said the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov.

Elections of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held September 18, 2016 in a single day of voting. They will be held under a mixed electoral system: of the 450 deputies of the 225 will be elected from party lists under a single Federal district (proportional system), and 225 — in single member constituencies (majoritarian system).

“First we will have a plenary session where, apparently, will be determined the approximate date of the Congress. But the date will depend on when we will see the decree of the President (the election date). Previously, in mid-June (planned exit),” said Obukhov.

Earlier, first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, head of the Central headquarters of the party at elections Ivan Melnikov said that the Communists on Friday and Saturday held a traditional seminar-meeting of first secretaries of the regional offices. But this year it was attended by potential candidates for deputies of the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies. There were discussed details of the forthcoming campaign, raising campaign of the potential and relevance of the programme of the party.

“The peculiarity of this year that invited Federal and regional party leaders who had passed the preliminary intra-party selection in various forums as candidates odnomandatniki. Was attended by more than 200 have already passed the selection process of potential candidates in single-mandate constituencies,” — said Obukhov.

According to him, the selection of potential candidates-mandate is almost complete, “it remains about two or three dozen jobs.” “If your system of measurement party will show that the candidates work is unsatisfactory, will be replaced, apparently,” said Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party.

Obukhov said that the party still pushed the work with party lists, because now the main task is to work potential candidates for deputies in single-mandate constituencies.

However, he said that there is no doubt that the Communist party list will be headed by party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

“Sociological analyses indicate that a significant portion of the electorate votes for the Communist party because is a party of Zyuganov. Secondly, we have never had in all measurements as a positive attitude to the activities of Zyuganov, as at the present time. In 1996, this was not (when Zyuganov ran for President). This potential is a sin for us not to use. It’s definitely not even discussed,” — said Obukhov.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party added that the seminar was presented a unified management portal electoral 2016кп.of the Russian Federation.

“Part of the site is in the open mode, the part is in the closed (only for authorized users – ed.). There are published approaches, conceptual samples agitation. We will email to coordinate the election campaign. For us the key issue is how to combine Federal campaign regional. It will be an electronic election headquarters of the Communist party”, — he explained.

Software ideas

Obukhov said that the seminar Zyuganov has acted with the report “About the political situation in Russia and the tasks of the party at the present stage”.

According to information on the website of the Communist party, he named ten specific points of the party programme for the development of the country.

“We will make the budget is not 16 trillion as it is today, and 25 trillion rubles. Last year of 20 trillion rubles, the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas, only 8 trillion rubles went into the budget, the remaining 12 trillion is a tribute that we pay domestic and foreign oligarchy. Therefore, we will hold a nationwide referendum on the nationalization of the raw material sources of the country. I’m sure 98% of voters will vote for this decision,” — said Zyuganov, whose words are on the website of the Communist party.

Also the leader of the party said about the need to introduce a monopoly on the production of wine and spirits products and to significantly Supplement the budget. In addition, the Communists intend to do everything to “stop the wild the outflow of capital and currency across the border”.

“In a country of 42 million hectares of neglected land. They must be returned into circulation. We will introduce such an order when we in the village will be restored collective farms. Preserved and other forms of property, but the bulk of the product will produce a collective farm,” added Zyuganov.

According to him, the Communists intend to implement the program of processing of wood, as well as to solve the problems associated with housing and utility payments. “There will be no more than ten percent of the take. We will take the children’s act of war, support the elderly and veterans. We will cancel the “fifth skin”, you’re overcharging by the transporters. At the same time solve problems related to maintenance and aid to citizens”, — said the leader of the Communist party.

The Communist party also intends to propose a new education and a new science and has already brought in the state Duma the draft law “On education for all”.

“We’ll show’ em not fighting with the Orthodox and other believers. We respect freedom of conscience, but we have our own view of the world. So we want to be respected and our views,” — said Zyuganov.