The defense Ministry refuted statements of Turkey of violation of the Russian su-34 Turkish border

The defense Ministry refuted statements of Turkey of violation of the Russian su-34 Turkish border

MOSCOW, January 30. The defense Ministry on Saturday denied the statements of Ankara on the allegations yesterday, the place of violation of Russian military aircraft su-34 Turkish airspace. Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov called these statements mere propaganda.

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Turkey has again accused Russia of violating its airspace

Earlier on Saturday Turkish foreign Ministry claimed that military aircraft of the Russian Federation on the eve violated the Turkish border. “Yesterday (29 January 2016) owned by VKS the Russian one su-34 had violated Turkish airspace. Before the violation of the Turkish radar station repeatedly in Russian and English warned of Russian aircraft”, – said the Turkish foreign Ministry. The office also noted that on January 29 evening “the Russian Ambassador was invited to the Ministry, and he was raised hard protest and condemnation” in connection with the incident.

“No violations of its airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic was not. The statements of the Turkish side about the alleged fact of a violation by the Russian su-34 air space – unfounded propaganda”, – said Konashenkov. “I am sure that even the Turkish defense specialists know that the radar station (radar) exercising control of the airspace, may record only the height, course and speed of the object in the air. None of these radars are not able to set the type and the nationality of the air facility – Russia or the US-led so-called “antiepilepsy coalition,” he added.

According to Konashenkov, this is only possible with the “direct visual contact with another aircraft that wasn’t there”.

“To speak seriously about the fact that these radars someone else and warned of “Russian and English”, I can only illiterate propagandists, watching Hollywood action movies. For its part, I can categorically state that neither the Russian air defenses in Syria nor the Syrian radar control airspace, any violations of the Syrian-Turkish border is not fixed. Not to mention the fact that any voice contacts with the Turkish side our pilots are long gone”, – concluded Konashenkov.