“Yabloko” is ready to negotiate with the PARNASSUS

“Yabloko” is ready to negotiate with the PARNASSUS

The party “Yabloko” is ready to consider the possibility of an Alliance with other political forces if they will support a political Memorandum of Yabloko candidate Grigory Yavlinsky for President.

MOSCOW, 29 Jan. “Yabloko” is ready to politcos with other parties, including PARNAS, on the condition that they would support Grigory Yavlinsky for President.

“We are already cooperating, all already in the coalition, remained “the Apple”, so today’s statement just directed at all densely to consolidate”, — said the leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov on Friday.

“Union with “the Apple” is our official statement of our coalition that we made,” he commented.

The Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov reported that in the party are glad to hear that “the statement and welcome such cooperation”, but “Apple” I would like more precision the notions of what a “political Union”.

“We have articulated in recent political principles of the coalition policy. It says that if you support our political Memorandum and the candidacy of Yavlinsky for President, we stand ready as partners to address these political forces, so if the concept of “political Union”, there is an acceptance of our principles the coalition policy prescribed, respectively, it is like a conversation. If this is not present, it is another story, so here it would be more clear”, — she explained.

Slabunov also said that in the case of a positive outcome of the Duma elections Yabloko is ready to discuss together and to work on bills, but that was true of the election campaign, lists, and breeding districts should be determined by the effectiveness of this process and focus on results.

“Because reunification is not an end in itself, it is a tool, a means to achieve results. And the outcome is determined by the quality of candidates proposed by other political forces, and how they are electorally significant, these candidates, just because if we got a goal in itself to dissolve all, all set, and then the candidate will fail the elections and did not win and we will not properly work, it is for the benefit of anyone not going, neither one nor the second political force”, — said Slobounov.

In this regard, according to her, it is necessary first to discuss the quality “of the process” of candidate breeding areas.

“We haven’t decided on the design list because it can be built entirely structural in very different ways, and for us it is crucial to make it all work on the result, rather than an end in itself — “we’re agreed”. But if we then lose the election, then the voters who nourish hopes for the Association of Democrats, thank you don’t tell us, and it will be even more disappointing. Say, “Well, came together and confusing them no,” said Slobounov.

Slabunov also reported that “Apple” is defined in the negotiating Committee headed by Lev Shlosberg. “The decision, in any case, will accept the political Affairs Committee, and we are all ready to participate in the negotiation process, and, accordingly, with the parties who have the mandate to negotiate”, she concluded.