Expert: the decision of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol on the resignation of the government void

Expert: the decision of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol on the resignation of the government void

MOSCOW, 1 February. The recommendation of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol on the resignation of the city government has no legal force, and the speaker of regional Parliament Alexey Chlomo should sit at the negotiating table with the Governor Sergei Menyailo. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the head of the Fund of civil society development (Fcsd) Konstantin Kostin.

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The Sevastopol legislative Assembly today unanimously acknowledged the work of city government is unsatisfactory. It recommended that the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo to make a decision about the resignation of the government. The hall was attended by 13 deputies out of 24, 11 in protest left the meeting room.

According to Kostin, it was a “sample ballot”, the resolution of the legislative Assembly is unlikely to have legal consequences, because for a decision on the resignation of the government needs two thirds of votes of deputies. However, this episode will also have to Chaly, and Menyailo political consequences, the political analyst believes.

“The attitude of residents to this scandal clearly shows that people are unhappy that the authorities, instead of working in their interests, are engaged in a showdown”, said the head of the Fcsd.

According to Kostin, the December statement Chaly resignation and today’s vote on the report of the Governor adversely affect the public’s perception. “This is negatively perceived, when the person occupying high public office, says that he has little authority, he does interfere and so he can’t reach the result,” he explained.

Kostin believes that “the ball is now on the side of the sea, because he can’t beat off”. The expert noted that what is happening “is unworthy of the level Chaly” that is synonymous among residents of Sevastopol and the whole of Russia with the heroes of the “Crimean spring”.

“When it starts up for no apparent reason the chicanery and petty showdown, it definitely spoils the image and does not improve the attitude towards him”, – said the head of the Fcsd.

Compromise from Menyailo

Kostin noted that the position of Governor of Sevastopol in the last few weeks, on the contrary, “extremely constructive and pragmatic”.

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He, according to the expert, suggested that a good way to resolve the conflict with the legislature.

“A good compromise, which was proposed Menyailo, this is a joint meeting of the government and legislative Assembly. Must be a consolidated program that will allow all branches of government to work cooperatively in the interests of the residents of Sevastopol,” – said Kostin.

Menyailo has previously stated that it would conduct a legal examination of the legality of the resolution of the legislative Assembly, after which it may be appealed. According to the Governor, of the deputies of the legislative Assembly “is configured to the conflict and confrontation”, but inside the city’s Parliament there were “serious contradictions”. The Governor of Sevastopol was supposed to submit its report on the activities of the government aimed at a meeting on December 15, but withdrew it in the morning. Menyailo required to amend the Parliament regulation amendments concerning the government report, but the Commission on legislation of the legislative Assembly has refused to do so.

Chaly in late December said he intends to resign. On 26 January at the regular session of the legislative Assembly, was read his statement of resignation to the Chairman of the city Parliament from the 1st of January. The decision is being made.

The decision of the legislative Assembly does not affect the situation Talovym

The resolution of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, which it recommends to the Governor Sergey menyaylo to send the city government in resignation, does not affect the situation with the resignation of Alexei Chaly. About this the speaker of the city Parliament told reporters.

“Today’s decision has nothing to do with my resignation. In the situation with her, nothing has changed. New happens when you take the appropriate legal appeals with the deputies. I do not want”, – said Chaly.

The Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Ekaterina Aldobaev explained that the date of resignation Chaly has not yet been appointed. “We did not consider this question today, because it was an extraordinary session, and it could consider only issues that were proposed by its initiators”, – she said.

“Political confrontation”

To say that the Sevastopol organization of “United Russia” there was a split in connection with the vote in the city legislative Assembly, it is impossible, says Secretary of the Sevastopol regional branch of the party “United Russia” Boris Kolesnikov.

“Deputies of legislative Assembly is a very very small part of the party. In the urban fabric 4 thousand members and another 1.5 thousand candidates. Why talk about a split is premature. Need to know what people think, to hold a conference,” – said Kolesnikov.

However, he acknowledged that the faction “United Russia “in city legislative Assembly there is a “political confrontation”. “I refer to progubernatorskie wing. Actually, I and my comrades will stand for compliance with the laws, not the emotional component. For us there is no resolution of the legislative Assembly cannot be a subject of political bargaining”, – said Kolesnikov.

The faction “United Russia” in Sevastopol legislative Assembly has 22 of the 24 MPs. On Monday 9 of them left the hall together with two deputies from the LDPR.


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