Loading of Russian Railways in January 2016 fell by 2.9% to 93,8 million tons

Loading of Russian Railways in January 2016 fell by 2.9% to 93,8 million tons

MOSCOW, 1 February. Loading on the network of JSC “Russian Railways” (RZD) in January 2016 declined compared with the same period in 2015 by 2.9% to 93.8 million tons, is spoken in the message of the company.

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The cargo turnover in January 2016 amounted kt 182.8 billion tariff ton-km (-3%), while freight turnover taking into account the mileage of the cars unladen – 236,3 billion ton-km (-2,4%).

The company notes the growth of loading of coal to 28.6 million tons (+2.6 per cent by January 2015), chemical and mineral fertilizers – up to 4.6 mln tons (+5,7%), construction cargo – to 7,1 million tons (+9,3%), nonferrous ore and sulphur feedstock – to 1.7 million tons (+3.1%).

At the same time decreased the coke to loading of 0.812 million tonnes (-12%), oil and oil products to 20.9 million tons (-7,8%), ferrous metals – to 5.5 million tons (-13,3%), ferrous metals – to 0,456 million tons (-32,3%), cement – up to 1.1 million tonnes (-23%), chemicals and soda – up to 2.1 million tonnes (-3.7%), industrial raw materials and molding materials – to 2.1 million tons (-3.8 per cent), iron and manganese ore – up to 9 million tons (-3%), forest cargo – to 2.9 million tonnes (-4,5%), grain and products of grinding up to 1.3 million tons (-16,2%).

As previously reported with reference to a source in RZD, the plan provided for the growth of loading in January 2016 at 2.9%. However, the Vice-President of the company Pavel Ivanov has declared to journalists that by the end of January, the collection may drop by 3.5%.