Russian aircraft destroyed 23 important goals in the area of the militants besieged Deir ezzor

Russian aircraft destroyed 23 important goals in the area of the militants besieged Deir ezzor

MOSCOW, 1 February. Russian aircraft, including bombers Tu-22M3, for the past week killed 23 important goals of terrorists around the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor besieged by militants. This was reported to journalists by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“The aircraft long-range bomber aircraft provided support to units of the Syrian government troops, defending the city of Deir ez-Zor. As a result of air strikes inflicted by the bombers Tu-22M3 from the territory of the Russian Federation together with the aircraft tactical aircraft operating from the airbase “Hamim” affected 23 important goal of the terrorists in this area,” he said.

More than a thousand terrorists destroyed

Konashenkov also said that Russian aircraft last week attacked more than 1,35 thousand objects of terrorists in Syria. “Last week the Russian aircraft in the Syrian Arab Republic completed 468 combat sorties. Including 24 of departure from the Russian territory made long-range bombers Tu-22M3” – said he.

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According to the General, were attacked 1354 objects of militants in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, HOMS, Damascus, raqqa, Dara’a and Deir-ez-Zor.

The strikes in the refineries

Russian aircraft destroyed a fuel dump group “Jaish al-Islam” in the Syrian province of Damascus, as well as a small refinery of terrorists in the province of raqqa.

“In the area of Jabal Batra, Damascus province, a bomber su-24M hit on the fuel depot belonging to the group of “Jaish al-Islam”. As a result of direct contact with the object was completely destroyed,” – said Konashenkov.

He also noted that the air force continues strikes on the terrorists hiding in the mountains of the Syrian province of Latakia. Their lesions involved the bombers su-24M.

Strengthening intelligence

Russia is increasing all kinds of intelligence in the middle East to hasten the destruction of terrorists. “To improve the speed of opening the targets of terrorist organizations and the accuracy of determination of their coordinates, we have strengthened the management of all types of intelligence on the territory of the middle East region. This allows you to discover new targets of the militants and fulfil their defeat almost in real time,” said Konashenkov.

He recalled that all the blows the Russian aviation applied only on a pre-explored and confirmed the order. “The coordinates of the objects of militants in the action area come from the data centre, deployed in Baghdad, the command of the Syrian government troops and detachments of the Patriotic opposition”, – said the General.

Humanitarian assistance

Over 200 tons of food and medicine were delivered in January to the besieged terrorists of the Islamic state the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.

“In the framework of humanitarian operations conducted by the Russian Armed Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic, besieged by ISIS militants (formerly ISIS) the city of Deir ez-Zor in January delivered over 200 tons of food and medicines”, – he said.

According to Konashenkov, the delivery service was military transport aviation of the air forces of Syria using Russian parachute platform P-7.

Support for the Syrian army

Aviation VKS RF foiled an attempt of terrorists to carry out a counterattack against the Syrian governmental troops; destroyed 17 jeeps with large-caliber weapons and more than 50 militants. According to Konashenkov, in the area of Khirbet-Hanan province of Hama struck the artillery positions of the terrorists, which destroyed eight guns and a truck responsible for the transportation of ammunition.

The General is informed, that near the town of Khirbat al-Ghazaleh, Deraa province and field commanders of the gangs attempted to rearrange the existing forces to prepare a counterattack on government troops using vehicles equipped with heavy weapons.

“On the detected congestions of manpower and equipment of terrorists aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria plotted a bombing attack. As a result 17 of the destroyed jeeps with large-caliber weapons and more than 50 militants”, – said Konashenkov.


“Islamic state” (ISIS) – an Islamist terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria. Established on 15 October 2006 by the merger of 11 radical Sunni groups. The core group forming the militants, who fought with American troops during their stay in Iraq and with the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).

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