State Duma Deputy calls Turkey to recognize the country-the ally of terrorism

State Duma Deputy calls Turkey to recognize the country-the ally of terrorism

Also must be recognized as terrorist by the Turkish nationalist organization “Grey wolves”, if it is confirmed information about its involvement in the terrorist attack on Board a Russian airliner A321, said the Deputy from the Communist party Sergei Obukhov.

MOSCOW, 1 Feb –. State Duma Deputy, Secretary of the CPRF Central Committee Sergei Obukhov believes that Turkey must recognize the country-the ally of terrorism, and the Turkish organization “Grey wolves”, if it is confirmed her participation in the organization of act of terrorism onboard the Russian liner A321 over the Sinai, terrorist.

On Monday, the newspaper Kommersant reported citing a source in the Russian security services that the attack on Board the Russian aircraft A321 that crashed in the Sinai, to prepare a Turkish nationalist organization “Grey wolves”.

“As for Turkey, given the overwhelming evidence of criminal ties between Ankara and militants have declared war on our country, the so-called “Islamic state”, Russia is long overdue to initiate the process of recognition of the Turkish Republic “government is an accomplice of terrorists” with all the attendant international consequences,” said butts, whose words are on the website of the Communist party.

According to Obukhov, if information about participation in preparation of a terrorist attack joins “Grey wolves”, “associated with the Turkish parliamentary nationalist movement party, confirmed, we should expect official recognition of the “Grey wolves” terrorist organisation on the territory of Russia should be immediately prohibited.”

Then Russia should take the necessary anti-terrorism measures in the international arena, including the introduction of the “Grey wolves” in the list of terrorist organizations by the UN, followed by an overlap of funding sources, the arrest of accounts and so on, said the Deputy.

Obukhov, together with a colleague-the Deputy of the Communist party Valery Raskina in December asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with the proposal to recognize the Turkish terrorist organisation “Grey wolves” and, thus, to ban its activities on Russian territory.

According to “Kommersant”, “Grey wolves”, which appeared in Turkey in the late 60-ies of the last century, participated in the fighting in Chechnya, organizing the transfer of weapons to the rebel Republic. And one of the leaders of the “Grey wolves”, a 32-year-old Alparslan çelik, took responsibility for the shooting in Syria on 24 November last year, the catapult of one of the Russian pilots of the downed Turkish aircraft su-24.