Customs: in the Kaliningrad region there is no accumulation of trucks on the border with Poland

Customs: in the Kaliningrad region there is no accumulation of trucks on the border with Poland

KALININGRAD, February 2. Kaliningrad carriers are awaiting the decision of problems of transit of goods through Poland. Vehicles with cargo in the automobile checkpoints at the border with Poland, in Kaliningrad no. This was reported in the Kaliningrad regional customs.

“No queues and rush at the checkpoints is not” – said the representative office. Until such time as an appropriate agreement is not reached between Russia and Poland, the situation does not change, noted the Agency interlocutor.

“The situation is quite alarming, – said the representative of the Kaliningrad Trading-industrial chamber (KTPP) Leonid Stepanyuk. – We hope that some interim solution will be found”. The situation, in his opinion, can influence the position of European suppliers, because the problems cannot send the goods by the usual route.

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“We hope that Western Europe, which began interruptions in the supply (of goods), will also affect Poland in order to speed up the issue, and the transit quietly went,” he said. Even a week of transit causes delays in the delivery of large volumes of cargo, he said.

The situation is under control of regional authorities, said spokesman DEP. Conducted daily monitoring of the situation. Parallel to the transport region are looking for alternative ways of delivery of cargoes from the region to Europe and back. This, for example, production line ferries from Kaliningrad to Germany and Lithuania. In addition, the transit of goods from Poland to Belarus and Lithuania and then into Russia. However, this may increase the cost of transportation by 50% and higher, said Stepaniuc.

The unresolved problem, according to the interlocutor, may also force part of the Kaliningrad carriers “to put cars on a trick”. This may relate to 3 thousand trucks and leave without pay up to 6 thousand people.

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February 1 has expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The trucks of the two countries may cross the border. The issue is discussed in Warsaw at the expert level, but results are not yet available.

As previously reported, the negotiations are in deadlock because Poland is dissatisfied with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts regulating monitoring of the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries.

According to the Russian side, the new law eliminated the existing deficiencies in the national regulatory framework, using which unscrupulous foreign carriers imported from third countries to Russia goods under cover of preferential bilateral mode of transportation. The Polish side is concerned that this provision will limit the transportation of goods produced in the territory of Poland by companies registered in other countries.