“Gazprom” began to test the budget with oil at $20-25 per barrel

“Gazprom” began to test the budget with oil at $20-25 per barrel

Moscow. February 1. Gazprom currently is testing its budget for the current year based on oil prices of $25 and $20 per barrel, said the first Deputy head of financial-economic Department Igor Shatalov at a meeting with investors in new York.

He recalled that at the time of preparing the budget for 2015 it was founded on an oil price of $50 that was “lower than most analysts ‘forecasts”, but the company made a script in $35 (stress scenario), which allowed the company to be prepared for the present price situation.

“Now we conduct work on the analysis at the price of $25 and $20 per barrel”, – he added.

In the presentation Shatalov reported that Gazprom has budgeted 2016 the average price of gas supplies to far abroad countries in the amount of $199 per thousand cubic meters after $243 for the year 2015. Separately specified stress scenario with the price of gas exports in 2016 to $169.

The ruble exchange rate in 2016 set at 63.3 per ruble for US dollar (76.7 per ruble in stress scenarios), after 60.7% in 2015.