Gazprom: Iran not yet able to provide all the needs of Turkey in Gaza

Gazprom: Iran not yet able to provide all the needs of Turkey in Gaza

Question for additional volumes of gas from Iran rests on insufficient infrastructure, said the member of the management Board Oleg Aksyutin. He added that Iran’s own domestic demand for gas.

NEW YORK, 2 Feb. Iranian gas is unlikely to fill all the needs of Turkey, so Ankara will have to look on the market additional volumes of natural gas, said during the meeting with investors in new York, the Chairman of the Board of “Gazprom” Alexander Medvedev.

Iran after the release on 16 January, the international sanctions are actively looking for new opportunities in the extraction and export of natural gas, including through the development of gas liquefaction capacity to supply all over the world. U.S. analysts did not exclude that the potential market for additional volumes of Iranian gas may become Turkey, in particular about such a possibility on Thursday, the senior Director of a major consulting group IHS Energy Jamie Webster.

“As for the Iranian gas contract with Turkey, he acted, despite the sanctions against Iran. Here from the point of view of increasing the volumes under this contract, sanctions have no meaning. Turkey feels the need for additional gas. Where this gas Turkey will receive depends on many circumstances. So let’s wait”, he said.

Member of the Board of “Gazprom” Oleg Aksyutin added that the issue of additional volumes of gas from Iran rests on insufficient infrastructure. So, to move Iranian gas reserves, which are mainly concentrated in the South of the country, it is necessary to build new capacity. In addition, Iran’s own domestic demand for gas.

Turkey was one of the main venues for the implementation of the Russian-Turkish project “Turkish stream”, which was supposed to replace the “South stream” stopped due to the opposition of the European Commission. “Turkish stream” was planned to build up to the European part of Turkey, and then to withdraw on the target markets of Central and southern Europe. Now the “Turkish stream” frozen on the background of the cooling of political relations between Moscow and Ankara.

The timing of the project construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” will be determined after the normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey, said Aksyutin. In addition, according to a Gazprom presentation, instead of the previously planned four planned to build only two gas thread.