Lavrov will discuss with the leadership of the UAE the situation in Syria and the oil market

Lavrov will discuss with the leadership of the UAE the situation in Syria and the oil market

ABU DHABI, 2 February. /Spec. interviewer/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov will discuss on Tuesday with the leadership of the United Arab Emirates state of Affairs in the region, the situation in Syria and the oil market. Lavrov will be adopted as crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan will hold talks with foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Negotiations about negotiations

As noticed in the Russian foreign Ministry, an important place will be devoted to the “strengthening of the coordination of positions on key aspects of international and regional agenda”. On Smolensk square stressed the importance of establishing a broad front to combat terrorism in accordance with international law. Russia and the UAE, and within the Group support Syria.

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Started at the weekend in Geneva indirect inter-Syrian negotiations will certainly include in the agenda of the talks the Russian Minister, given that Russia and the UAE operate under the Group support Syria. While what is happening on Geneva’s platform can be described with one word – confusion. The opposition, formed in Riyadh, claiming its exclusivity, jeopardizes the prospects of consultation. Barely emerging “Geneva-3” risks the fate of the conference in Montreux (January 2014) when the conflicting parties, except for mutual recriminations. nothing could come.

However, it seems, compromise is not and among the so-called Higher Committee on negotiations (WCP). Inclusive single delegation of the opposition is not established in it yet Kurds and opponents of Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Instead, arriving in Geneva the representative of the terrorist group “Jaish al-Islam”. In Moscow emphasize that terrorists are not only in Geneva, but also at the negotiating table, wherever they were held. “We have always said that for us it’s a terrorist organization – said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gennady Gatilov. – Believe that they have no place in the composition of the delegation”.

Moscow urges not to miss a real chance for peace and stresses that it is important turning point. The continuation of the Syrian conflict only into the hands of terrorists who are absolutely not interested in political reforms, their goal is a Caliphate from Pakistan to Portugal. Another bloody confirmation of this thesis became a triple terrorist attack arranged by Islamic state (a terrorist organisation, banned in Russia – approx.TASS) in the suburbs of Damascus.

According to Sergey Lavrov, the action of Air and space forces of Russia really helped to turn the tide in Syria, to ensure the narrowing of the terrorists controlled space. “As a result, at the same time significantly clear picture of what is happening, it has become clear who is fighting with terrorists, and who acts as their accomplices, trying to use them in their one-sided selfish purposes,” he said.

Oil balance

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The situation in Syria, including an impact on oil prices. The goal is to bring the market from grave crime was committed.

In this regard, the idea of a meeting of OPEC and other oil producers. The subject of consultations could be to reduce production to 5% of each of the countries. Minister of energy Alexander Novak confirmed the readiness to participate in joint negotiations with the countries-oil producers within and outside OPEC, in the case of their conduct.

As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry in Abu Dhabi to discuss the situation on the world energy market, where it is still “an urgent need to minimize volatility and ensure an equitable level of prices for hydrocarbons, achievements to this end a sustainable balance between supply and demand”.

Bilateral and regional issues

Moscow notes the importance of maintaining a regular political dialogue, boosting trade volume and investment partnership and development of promising joint projects in energy, metallurgy, industry, agriculture, infrastructure and other areas and regions. In addition, the Russian side is aimed at enhancing humanitarian ties, including cultural exchanges and cooperation in tourism.

However, the Russian foreign Ministry to draw attention to the cooperation within the framework of Ministerial strategic dialogue Russia – cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). The next meeting in this format is planned in Moscow this spring.

After talks in the UAE Sergei Lavrov will travel to Oman. “In close contact with Emirati and Omani sides will be considered an updated version of the Russian concept of collective security in the Persian Gulf that takes into account such changes in the region, as reaching agreement on the Iranian nuclear program and a significant increase in the terrorist threat”, – informed the Russian dipvedomstva.