MP: support high-tech exports will help the economy of the Russian Federation

MP: support high-tech exports will help the economy of the Russian Federation

The export of high-tech and innovative products can create good conditions for the development of the Russian economy, says member of the state Duma Alexander Tarnavsky.

MOSCOW, 2 Feb. Support of export of high-tech and innovative products, which is incorporated in the new action plan of the RF government in the economy, can be a good tool for the development of the economy in the future, to change its structure, said first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Alexander Tarnavskiy (“Fair Russia”).

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the draft of the new plan of action in the economy includes measures to support exports and individual industries: agriculture, automotive, housing, light industry, transport and agricultural engineering. In addition, the document provides for support of export of high-tech and innovative products.

“It is important that the government looks for ways to move forward and these decisions. I support the export of high technologies. A long time to do it. The government has started (anti-crisis measures in 2015) with, gave money only to banks. We have gone this way. In a crisis we need to support not just industry and agriculture, and innovative projects focused on the future. Need to build action plans, road maps, how we act forward, taking advantage of the situation with ruble devaluation, the possibilities of import substitution,” said Tarnavsky.

According to him, it is right that the government focuses on the search for points of growth in industry, including high-tech, in business.

“It’s one thing to give money to the auto industry to support it to survive in a period of falling sales. Another thing to work on the structural transformation of the economy, which is constantly many say, and for this we need to give money for something that can become a progressive and promising. We need to make the economy innovative, and diversified manufactures, so that we forget about a headache in the fall in oil prices,” said Tarnavsky.

However, he added that he considers unacceptable, to the public plane were disagreements between the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of Finance regarding certain provisions of the plan of action. According to Tarnavska, such information introduces citizens astray.

“People want from their government, regardless of who was the head, to see the fighting spirit, the desire to fight the crisis, and to be confident that this government thinks about people, committed to change for the better and work as a team. As a politician I understand that no decisions without discussions and disagreements, but they should not be overemphasized,” he said.