The audit chamber has revealed in 2015 440 billion ineffectively used funds

MOSCOW, February 3. The audit Chamber has revealed in 2015 440 billion inefficiently used funds, but these data are not final, said the head JV Tatyana Golikova. “The 440 billion – this is a provisional figure, the final data will be a bit later,” she said in an interview with “Vedomosti”.

Golikova has explained that “it’s not all inefficient spending”. “Classical inefficiency, as it is understood usually, about 78 billion rubles of this amount. But if translating the language of violations of the law, in the first place would be violations in the sphere of implementation of the budgetary investment is about 69 billion rubles, about 48 billion – is the use of state property, 39 billion – violation in procurement,” said she.

The head of the SP denied the allegations of violations of 1 trillion rubles, “that incorrect figures”.

She explained the situation: “the Violation must clearly be considered. And when, for example, a contest for RUB 3 billion, and delayed the contract, and all 3 billion recorded in the offense, as it was before, is wrong.” With this JV, according to her, commits a violation of the terms.

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