Austria assured Russia in support of the project “Nord stream 2”

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, during the meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Mitterlehner was friendly and pointed out that Austria is undertaking every effort to achieve the implementation of the project “Nord stream 2”. The Vice-Chancellor made it clear that the problems were not legal, but political. According to Mitterlehner, some EU countries are afraid to increase their dependence on Russia.

Himself an Austrian politician expressed the view that economic interdependence is safe. “This allows you to influence the decisions of partners and find compromises,” he said.

Mitterlehner also expressed their support for the intensification of trade and economic relations of the Russian Federation and Austria. During the trip the Vice-Chancellor was accompanied by a number of Austrian businessmen — heads are presented in the RF of the companies OMV, Reiffeisen, AVL-List, Andritz Hydro, Vamed, Bertsch Holding and Mondi.

Understanding Medvedev and Mitterlehner found and in foreign Affairs. So, discussing the situation in Ukraine, the Austrian Vice-Chancellor said that the speedy implementation of the Minsk agreements “is largely dependent on Kiev”. As for sanctions, Mitterlehner said that Austria unilaterally may not remove them, however, stressed that in Vienna “are trying within the EU to support the process that should lead to the end of restrictive regime.