Bi-bi-si he heard the decision of the UN Commission on the case Assange

As informs bi-Bi-si, the UN Commission ruled in favor of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has complained to the international court for unlawful deprivation of liberty in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the British capital.

Official reports from the UN on this topic is not followed. Earlier it was reported that the opinion on the Assange case should appear on 5 February.

Assange himself had earlier expressed confidence that in case of positive decision of the UN, he will be able to obtain a passport and to leave Ecuador’s Embassy in Central London without the fear that he would be arrested. Assange lawyer Per Samuelsson told the TASS news Agency that a positive decision by the UN will mean automatic termination of the preliminary investigation, as the founder of Wikileaks “did my time” on the territory of the diplomatic mission.

In case of negative response the UN, the founder of Wikileaks promised on Friday at noon to go outside the Embassy and surrender to British police.

In Scotland Yard, commenting on the statement of Assange, announced that he would be arrested upon exiting the Embassy. They explained this position by the fact that the request for extradition of Wikileaks founder to Sweden remained in force.

The complaint to the UN authorities in the UK and Sweden, Assange filed in 2014. In the petition he stated that within a few years deprived of their basic rights and freedoms, including access to fresh air, sunlight and normal medical care, and that tolerates such deprivation is not your choice.

WikiLeaks founder stressed that Ecuador has granted him political asylum, which, however, he can accept only in the walls of the Embassy.