The Ministry: the service for garbage collection will be displayed in a separate line on your pay stub

The Ministry: the service for garbage collection will be displayed in a separate line on your pay stub

MOSCOW, February 3. Service for the collection and removal of garbage will be transferred from housing to utilities and allocated in a separate line of the receipt from 1 January 2017. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of construction of Russia.

The new format

The Ministry of construction of Russia has prepared a draft government resolution that establishes rules for the provision of public services for the treatment of municipal solid waste, the procedure for concluding agreements on the provision of and payment.

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This document is one of the by-laws within the limits of reforming of system of collection of municipal solid waste (MSW), said in a statement. Recall that from 1 January 2016 introduced an amendment to the Federal law “On wastes of production and consumption”.

“Any new tax, the Ministry of construction does not enter. We are talking about a different form of payment for the collection and disposal of garbage for which we pay,” – said Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services Andrey Chibis. He stressed that now charges for garbage removal is not done by square meters, and the number of residents.

According to the Deputy Minister, becoming a utility, the service falls under the control of the state, including within the limits of payment for utility services.
Notification on development of the project was published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts, he is now undergoing the procedure of public discussion.

“The evidence to create new monopolies”

Deputies of the state Duma from the CPRF Sergey Obukhov and Valery Rashkin asked the government to explain the need to create regional monopolies to operators for the collection and removal of garbage and to announce changes in fees for utility services because of this innovation. A copy of the relevant letter addressed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, is available.

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Earlier media reported that the Ministry is working on amendments to government acts governing the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW).

According to the amendments, the total fee for the collection and transportation of garbage from 1 January 2017 will not be affected by the area of the premises in which a person lives, and will be calculated from the base fare. The tariff will be cheaper for those who are willing to sort garbage by placing different types of waste in different containers. Collect, export and recycling of MSW will be a regional operator.

Deputies believe that the concentration of powers on the organization of garbage collection in the hands of a single organization, “there are signs the establishment of new monopolies in the interest of controlling the power of the people”. “There is a risk of oligarchic structures, which will collect from the citizens of the Russian Federation of another non-tax rents. This flowchart organization of the transportation of municipal solid waste carries the risk of significant growth of payments for utilities,” they write.

Rashkin and Obukhov asked the Cabinet to report, “how will utilities and the burden on family budgets of households as a result of the introduction under the project of innovations.” Also they are interested in, are there any government measures aimed at countering the growth of total payment to each family for utilities.


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Russians pay for housing and communal services more than 10% of their income. What is the account for utility services. Infographics ITAR-TASS

The Communists ask, what is the need to create “regional operators-monopolists in the regions of the Russian Federation” in which the legal form and form of ownership, they will be created who will act as their founder.

In addition, parliamentarians are concerned about how will be cleared of corruption risks in the creation and activity of regional operators, who will monitor their activities and will it be possible to change the operator.

Earlier deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia” Pavel Kachkaev and Alexander Sidyakin, which is the Vice-Chairman of the Duma Committee for housing and communal services, stated that they supported the intention of the Ministry of construction to introduce a new monthly payment instead of the column “Collection and disposal of waste” in the payment document of the residents. According to kachkaeva, such a system “would be more favourable to tenants.”

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