CB: the number of counterfeit banknotes in the fourth quarter of 2015 decreased by 10%

CB: the number of counterfeit banknotes in the fourth quarter of 2015 decreased by 10%

MOSCOW, 4 February. In the fourth quarter of 2015 in Russia’s banking system was found 16 536 thousand counterfeit banknotes of Bank of Russia. It’s 9.8% or 1 622 thousand units less than in the third quarter of last year, and in General a minimum level for 2015, the report said the Central Bank.

Traditionally lead counterfeit five thousandth of banknotes only in the fourth quarter they found 11 188 thousand pieces (in the third quarter – 12 thousand 939). Counterfeit banknotes in denominations of 1 thousand rubles was more than twice less than 4 thousand 361 thing.

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According to the Central Bank are rarely counterfeited banknotes and coins in denomination of 10 roubles: in the last quarter of last year they revealed respectively 1 and 3 (in the third quarter – 7 pieces). Counterfeit five-ruble coins found 27 pieces in the fourth quarter and 142 pieces for the entire year.

According to the regulator, the most popular region for sales of counterfeit currency remains the Central Federal district. There in the fourth quarter of 2015, General Directorate of Bank of Russia for the Central Federal district, found 8 655 thousand fakes. North-Western region is still in second place – 2 thousand 893 forgery.

Just in 2015 was able to identify almost 72 thousand counterfeit banknotes of Bank of Russia.

The Bank of Russia also noted that December is sharp up to 468 units – increased the number of detected counterfeit banknotes of foreign States. In just the last quarter of 2015 they were able to detect 939 pieces, while the annual average of the quarterly number of counterfeit banknotes of foreign countries did not exceed 800 pieces. Here is far ahead of the US dollar in the fourth quarter of the examination revealed 788 banknotes with signs of forgery, the year – 2 932 thousand pieces.

Counterfeit euros on average were found much less commonly, 41-46 pieces per quarter, but in the last three months of last year was characterized by a sharp increase in the number of found counterfeit European currency – 136 pieces.

Traditionally identified counterfeit Chinese yuan, also for 2015, were found fake pounds sterling, Swedish Krona, Japanese yen, Kazakhstan tenge, according to the Central Bank.