In the U.S. the court ordered Apple to pay $625 million for patent infringement

NEW YORK, February 4. /Corr. Kirill Volkov/. A U.S. court ordered Apple to pay $625,6 million to the company that holds the patents VirnetX for illegal use of owned technology. This decision was made by a Federal jury during the hearings held in Texas.

As follows from the verdict that Apple violated several patents owned by VirnetX. In particular, the court decided that the California Corporation without the permission of the used owned by VirnetX intellectual property when creating an application for FaceTime video calling service and instant messaging iMessage.

VirnetX filed suit against Apple a few years ago. In 2012, the court accepted the claim of the company authorized and ordered Apple to pay $368 million, However, the court of appeal subsequently rejected the decision. A California company said it intends to appeal against the current verdict.

Dealing with intellectual property licensing company VirnetX is located in Nevada and owns a large portfolio of patents for various technologies. Previously, VirnetX has led to litigation with such corporations as Microsoft, Cisco and others. First, in particular, had to pay a Nevada company more than $200 million in the proceedings in connection with violations of patents for technology used in Skype.