Media: the government plans to impose excise duties on palm oil and soda

Media: the government plans to impose excise duties on palm oil and soda

MOSCOW, 5 February. The Russian government plans to expand the list of excisable goods, including palm oil and soft drink. This informs the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the disposal of which there is a Protocol on results of the meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the newspaper, discussed the imposition of excise taxes on a number of “harmful products”.

“The list can include products with a high content of fat and sugar on the methodology of the world health organization (who),” the lead “Vedomosti”, the words “official financial-economic bloc”.

“There is another approach: enter only the excise duties on sugar and palm oil – this will automatically raise prices on all products with a high content of sugar and fat and, consequently, reduce their consumption,” notes the newspaper’s source.

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The representative of the Ministry of Finance confirmed the existence of the corresponding order of the Cabinet, the Agency intends to submit proposals “for a few weeks.” The Ministry believes taxes on products, consumption of which in large quantities is harmful to health, it is quite justified – especially during a difficult situation with the budget.

According to him, in the first place will be entered on the excise tax on palm oil at a rate of about 200 dollars per ton. Tentative dates – 1 July. Another source told “Vedomosti” that can be entered in the excise duty of 30%.

The Ministry of economic development the newspaper also confirmed that the issue is being worked.

Currently in the list of excisable goods include alcohol and certain types of alcohol products, tobacco, automobile and aviation fuel, motor oil, cars and powerful motorcycles.