Peskov’s “a pity to waste time on sleaze”, which publishes “Bi-bi-si”

Peskov’s “a pity to waste time on sleaze”, which publishes “Bi-bi-si”

MOSCOW, 4 February. Corporation “bi-Bi-si” allow publication “very low-quality products” and press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov “it’s a pity to waste time on a cheapo”.

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“Unfortunately, our colleagues from “Bi-bi-si” allow the publication of a very poor quality product, so of course, we are not in a hurry each time to meet her, ‘ he told journalists. – It is a pity to waste time on a cheapo”.

So the press Secretary of the Russian leader responded to a question about whether he watched the new film “bi-Bi-si”, referring to scenarios of armed conflict between Russia and Latvia with the use of nuclear weapons.

One of the “punks,” published by the media Corporation he called a recent film about the alleged corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The point of view of not only Russian experts, but also (experts) in Britain and in Europe that, unfortunately, this material is far from the generally accepted global level, which always shows this “wonderful” Corporation”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

“Pure lies and slander”

Previously Peskov commented on already released film in which the acting Deputy of the U.S. Treasury Adam Shubin argues that the actions of the President of Russia allegedly were directed at their own enrichment. In the opinion of the press Secretary, the presence in the film is the official comment of the representative of the Ministry of Finance of the United States “indicates that someone is at the conductor’s stand”.

The representative of the Kremlin noted that the content of this material – “this is pure lies and slander that have under themselves no bases”.

In General, we are accustomed to a journalistic “duck”, which are associated with incompetence and the pursuit of “yellowness” or are directed campaigns

Dmitry Peskov

The Kremlin does not expect that this episode will worsen the already strained relations between Moscow and Washington. “To be honest, relations are now not in the best shape. In such a form that such a lie is unlikely their even more complicated,” stated Sands.