The interior Ministry began checking on complaints Bulk of the Fund on the ex-the head of Russian Railways

That the Ministry of internal Affairs began checking the statements of the Fund of struggle against corruption about the possible involvement of the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin to corruption, said on Friday the founder of the Foundation Alexei Navalny in his blog.

Navalny wrote that all members of the FBC was prepared in 80 statements, which were directed not only to law enforcement agencies, but also in the Board of Directors of JSC Russian Railways, members of the Board and deputies of the state Duma.

“At some point we decided that a political decision of the checks are not carried out, and was getting ready to fuss on this topic, and all of a sudden we were contacted and told that the test still goes and even invited our representative with the documents,” Navalny wrote.

According to him, check, in particular conducted in 2014 work on the laying of the geogrid to strengthen the Foundation of Railways, as well as sales of electronic tickets. Navalny claims that the firm who supplied the geogrid, belongs to Yakunin, and the sale of electronic tickets through the company to his son Andrew.

“Lawyer of the FBK Vyacheslav Gimadi today visited the investigator of transport Management of the interior Ministry in the Central Federal district Andrey Stepanov Alexandrovich, who is engaged in the business Yakunin,” said Navalny.

According to the lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov, the Fund had repeatedly applied to law enforcement agencies on the results of their investigations regarding the styling of the grille, e-ticketing and withdrawal of funds in the offshore. “We achieve excitation of criminal cases. And for the first time in a long time we felt the momentum. Our lawyers have begun to call for polls within the framework of the preliminary investigation,” — said Zhdanov

The lawyer of FBK Vyacheslav gemade stressed in a conversation with the materials of the check were transferred from the Investigative Committee in the Management of transport the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal district.

The source in law enforcement confirmed that the conducted investigation verification by the statements of the Fund Bulk, but from further declined to comment.