Medvedev: Agency for technological development will help businesses in search of innovation

Medvedev: Agency for technological development will help businesses in search of innovation

Roller COASTER, on 5 February. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the new institution – the Agency for technological development – not authority.

“I want to note to avoid misunderstandings: we are not talking about the emergence of another Federal body of Executive authority”, – Medvedev said at a meeting of the Council on economy modernization and innovative development of Russia.

He explained that the word “Agency” is associated with “ministries and agencies that will share the money.” “It is not. It is planned to create a nonprofit organization that in the future, if all goes well, should become self-supporting”, said the Prime Minister.

And budget the Agency will receive only the first stage.

“That can keep the topic on public funding only in a very limited way and only as a start, in the future, when we start next year to me have not said that money nobody gives, nobody need, so let’s budget will allow,” – warned the head of the Cabinet. “Then it is better to close up shop. All hear that?” – Medvedev said.

Medvedev proposed to examine the question of the sources of financing the activities of the Agency. “It’s us not amuse ourselves to create (a new structure),” said the Prime Minister, speaking about the need to attract business to the financing of the Agency’s work. Medvedev noted that no acceptable proposals to transform the Agency into yet another bureaucratic structure like the state Committee on science and technology in the former USSR.

“I said I was not going to create a body of state administration. But the business says ‘ no, we create the state Committee on science and technology of the USSR. Let us and the building he will give, which is now city hall (Moscow) took”, – said the Medvedev.

Business engagement

Dmitry Medvedev also said that businesses should participate in the financing of the Agency.

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“I assume that his activities need not so much to the state, and businesses don’t care how it works, he is not interested. So we are here to create something that is interesting to the business,” Medvedev said. “Business should get involved in this,” he said. “I’m not talking about some big money, but just to make it clear what you are doing”, he said.

Prime Minister of Russia is confident that the Agency will be created to help businesses find advanced technology in the country and abroad, if there is no domestic analogues.

“It is obvious that the search, screening, transfer of promising technologies should be conducted on a regular, systematic basis, for this and created a new Agency,” said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers at the Council meeting on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia.

According to him, the Agency “must help businesses to find the necessary technology both in Russia and abroad, to provide legal and consulting support”. The Prime Minister noted that “it should join the Russian clients with Russian developers, that is, to help those who create the technology here and here plans to commercialize them”.

According to Medvedev, “transfer of foreign products is also necessary, but, of course, in that situation, when there is no competitive domestic analogues”.

“Technology transfer”

The Prime Minister noted that the future of the Agency “would have a dot mandate, namely technology transfer”.

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“Technology transfer is one of the common tools for improving the competitiveness of the industry, it is used extensively throughout the world, enables domestic firms to acquire the necessary competence, to be seen in the market, and further develop their own products and services,” – said Medvedev.

In his view, “today, to create new technology from scratch is very often economically unjustified, very expensive.” “On the other hand, copying of foreign products, just their location, can give only a short term effect, that not always increases the level of technological development”, warned the Prime Minister. However, he noted that “this, too, is sometimes just and necessary.”

“It is important that advanced technologies “sprouted” and “put down roots” on our land, became the basis for further development regardless of the sentiments of various external factors”, – stressed the Prime Minister. According to him, “this job and have to organize a” newly created Agency, pointed out Medvedev.

The Structure Of The Agency

The structure of the spin-off Agency for technological development yet to be developed, said Dmitry Medvedev. He does not exclude that the head of the Agency will be selected through competition.

“This Agency requires reflection, discussion”, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers at the Council meeting on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia. He expects that “this project should be of interest primarily to the business that the business community will take an active part in it”. “So much depends on who will implement this project”, – said the Prime Minister.

According to him, “there are a number of ideas, including the idea to hold a competition for the position of head of the Agency”. This issue, Medvedev proposed to discuss at the meeting on 5 February.