Medvedev: United Russia has to prepare the election programme clearly and in the shortest possible time

Medvedev: United Russia has to prepare the election programme clearly and in the shortest possible time

MOSCOW, 6 February. The election program of “United Russia” should be written as soon as possible and provide a clear and coherent set of measures. This was announced at the XV Congress of the party “United Russia” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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“All I was saying, – measures to support people and the economy – should be included in the election program of “United Russia”. We have to develop it in the shortest possible time. And think carefully about the content, because with it we will go to elections,” he said.

According to him, the policy document captures the priorities, guided by will to meet the challenges of Russia’s development, and how and when they will be finished.

“The program will be given answers to the main questions that bother people now. People want to know what will happen, how they will live today and tomorrow? How will their rights be protected? And who will protect them? The first question we will answer in detail, offering a clear and coherent set of measures,” added the Prime Minister.

Medvedev stressed that the main thing that should be in the document – “is a rigid adherence to strategic goals”. “A goal these simple. We need to help those who are in dire need of support. And all the rest – to give the opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their loved ones,” he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that “none of today’s political forces – except for us – not really prepared to fulfill its commitments.” “And not just answer, and answer to matters for which the new kindergarten, new schools, miles of roads built, modern housing, stadiums, gymnasiums, products labeled “Made in Russia”. All of this is our work”, – said Medvedev.

In this regard, the Prime Minister proposed to form a Commission to draft election program of “United Russia”, and said that she will lead. “I propose to take today the decision to establish a programme Board. To conduct our work, I will personally as the Chairman of the party,” he said.

The program must be open

Medvedev also noted that the programme should be as open as possible and respond to the needs of the people.

“It should be an open document in the truest sense of the word,” he said. “We use multiple sources to best meet the needs of people,” he said.

Medvedev explained that in the first place its proposals on the programme will prepare the party in the regions. “They know local circumstances and understand what needs to be supplemented with basic programming document of the “United Russia”, – said the Prime Minister. He also thanked all those who work in public receptions of the party in the regions.

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Another element of the formation of the program, Medvedev called party projects. Among them he named, in particular, the repair of gyms in rural schools, construction of swimming pools at universities, the establishment of a competent consumer of housing services. “You need to select the best one, to consider in what form to include in our policy document,” suggested the Chairman of the party.

Medvedev has promised to introduce proposals from professional communities that appear on the results of “United Russia” in various forums, proved, in his opinion, its effectiveness. He recalled that

In addition, the Chairman of the party stated that additions to the program are made on the basis of preliminary inner-party vote. “During the debates between our candidates certainly will be proposals that need to be taken into account; these initiatives will complement the Federal level of the party program, and the regional constituents with whom the “United Russia” will go to elections”, – he explained.

“I am convinced that this integrated approach will provide a powerful output, robust document that will be understandable to our people,” Medvedev said. “It will be a really popular program,” he said.

Forums on topical issues

In addition, the Prime Minister proposed to spend the coming months in software forums on relevant social issues.

“In the past two years the party has conducted several forums on key economic and social sphere”, – he reminded, stressing that this work has proven to be effective. Among those, the Prime Minister mentioned, in particular, the forum on the problems of the urban environment. “Was lively, interesting discussion, and the final resolution can be presented as almost finished a section of our program,” he said.

“So I propose to spend the coming months in software forums on other topics that matter to our people: health, and good education, and social protection, and transport”, – said Medvedev. “They can hold x up to the second phase of the Congress, which will take place in June,” he said.

“The results of these forums we will receive a package of priority measures for strengthening, development and modernization of entire sectors of the economy, and the policy document our representatives in government after the election will without any problems be translated into concrete laws,” he said.

Discussion about the development of the Russian Federation will be continued

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Medvedev stressed that the lively debate about the strategic development plans of the country should be continued in the preliminary party vote.

He noted that on 5 February within the party started to collect proposals for the election program. According to him, “in all 10 discussion sites it was about the strategic development plans of the country” and not about what should be done “under elections”. “This discussion was not fake, but real and substantial,” – said Medvedev. He expects that it will continue in the preliminary party vote.

The Chairman of the party has indicated that United Russia – the first Russian party, which organizes the primaries. “In fact, we ask voters who they want to see candidates from “United Russia”. And the applicants are actually engaged in the election campaign, talk about their proposals, participate in debates. All of this happens publicly, so that people can immediately understand what each of the contenders. And to support someone whose ideas they are the most understandable, intimate and interesting”, – said Medvedev. “Early voting will be held on may 22 and must be held quite openly, no “Treaty list”, push “easy people,” he said. “Game giveaway” we don’t need,” he concluded.

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