Neverov and Spring agree with Trapeznikov about the inadmissibility of “political dynasties”

Neverov and Spring agree with Trapeznikov about the inadmissibility of “political dynasties”

MOSCOW, 6 February. State Duma Deputy, member of General Council of “United Russia” Valery Trapeznikov called to get rid of nepotism in the ranks of United Russia. “I propose to adopt a resolution at the Convention – down with political dynasty from the party “United Russia”, – the politician said at a plenary meeting of the first phase of the Congress “United Russia”.

Trapeznikov expressed regret in connection with that lately appeared “political nepotism”. “To some extent it is in the legislative assemblies of subjects of the Russian Federation and the state Duma of the sixth convocation”, – he stated.

The MP called for specific examples of these “dynasties”. “The state Duma Deputy, Vakha Agayev, the Communist party, Krasnodar region, his son (Bekhan) Agayev, “United Russia”. Brothers (Magomedov and Jamaludin) Gasanova, United Russia and just Russia. Seems to be good, (but) on the other hand, as our citizens belong to it?” asked Trapeznikov.

Neverov: nepotism is unacceptable, but to consolidate this legislation is not necessary

Vice-speaker of the state Duma, Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov said that I agree with Deputy Valery Trapeznikov on the question of the unacceptability of nepotism and “political dynasties”, but questioned the need to enshrine it in legislation.

“I don’t think it can be in the regulations – for the simple reason that it is more moral and ethical norms, mentioned by our colleague Valery Trapeznikov,” said Neverov in the sidelines of the Congress of “United Russia”, answering a question.

“In our opinion, and personally I support it, it is unacceptable that today in politics inherited,” said the MP. “I am a miner, my father was a miner, my grandfather worked underground, and I think this is a dynasty” – he said.

“Of course, the dynasties of teachers, doctors, creative dynasty is okay, but the dynasty in politics is not normal, when you become a member of the legislative Assembly, then slowly bring to this place his son or his daughter go out to the Duma,” he warned Neverov. “It seems to me, is not normal when you get, relatively speaking, the Governor, and your son – the Deputy of regional Council in the same region or head of some municipality. For our party this is unacceptable. Here the opposition is normal”, – stated Secretary General Council of United Russia.

Spring: abuses are unacceptable

Trapeznikova proposal “is addressed to those who think this possible nepotism apply to themselves”, believes the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya. “The question of good or bad, always gives the answer society. And the fact that today was marked in this situation, means that we publicly referred to the inadmissibility of the fact that not practice any activity in principle, and the inadmissibility of abuse in this sphere”, – she noted.

Kovalev: against dynasties, except for the victory in a fair fight

In turn, member of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Nikolai Kovalev said that he is against “political dynasties”, and explained that the exception in this rule can only be the victory of man in a fair fight in the elections.

The MP confirmed that the citizens there is a negative, when “daddy or someone from a strong family with political opportunities or constraints, just “ears” or that smuggles the child into the composition of a legislative Assembly or in the composition of the state Duma”. “We see it in practice, in life,” he said on the sidelines of the Congress of “United Russia”.

“But you cannot prevent people to engage in political activity or any other only because his relatives have made progress – I made a reservation Kovalev. – If he does it in a fair fight and people consciously vote for him and support, I think a ban on the profession to impose inappropriate”.

But there are some points, said the politician. “For example, a member of the same family represents one faction, his brother – another, the third brother sitting in the legislative Assembly of the region, and the conglomerate opportunities for a single family. This should not be”, – he stressed.

Sparrows: democratic procedures give everyone the right to realize yourself

Call Trapeznikova commented and the Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov. At the beginning of the sixth convocation of the state Duma he was the head of the faction “United Russia”, while his father held the post of Deputy speaker of the Federation Council.

“This speech should acknowledge all over again,” answered the question of journalists sparrows, noting that he “has an opinion”. “I think all the democratic procedures that we implement, including the selection, primaries, give a right to every citizen of our country to participate in society, prove and implement their best qualities that God gave him. So here to disprove it, hardly anyone can,” – said the politician.

Answering the question of journalists about the Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Yuri Vorobyov and his son Andrew, who is now the Governor of the Moscow region, and was previously head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma of the sixth convocation, Neverov reminded that “first, Andrey Vorobyev became a member of the Federation Council, and Yuri Leonidovich then worked as Deputy head of the Ministry of emergency situations”. “And then Yuri Leonidovich came to the Federation Council”, – he added.

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