The court in London acknowledged the banker Pugachev guilty of contempt of court

High court of justice of England and Wales acknowledged the ex-owner of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev guilty in twelve cases of contempt of court. This is stated in the press release of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), which filed against the banker charges.

“In particular, the judge admitted the guilt in Pugachev perjury under oath, in compliance with the disclosure requirements of assets, withdrawal of assets, in violation of the orders of the court, and that Pugachev had illegally left the jurisdiction of England and Wales”, — stated in the message.

It also notes that further hearing on the trial will continue on February 11, where the court will have to determine the punishment.

In June 2015, Pugachev moved from the UK to France in violation of the order of the High court, whereby he was prohibited from leaving the jurisdiction, and all his passport and other documents were to be delivered. Pugachev claims to have violated the prohibition on departure from the UK, fearing for his life.

In the message the press service of Pugachev, submitted to the, it is said that the banker had planned to participate in the meeting via video link, agreed with the court in advance, however, the English side are unable to provide this, most likely, for technical reasons.

“The high court found that Pugachev is really serious fears for his life and safety at least since 2011. The high court held that Pugachev continues to participate in court proceedings in the UK after his departure to France. Sergei Pugachev, welcomes the Court’s conclusions on these issues. However, the court determined that Pugachev has violated a court order which restricted the freedom of his movement”, — said the press service of the banker.

A detailed commentary on the outcomes of the hearings to the press service of the banker promises to provide after official court orders, which will be announced on 11 February.