In Moscow completely dismantled more than half of the 97 objects of unauthorized construction

In Moscow completely dismantled more than half of the 97 objects of unauthorized construction

MOSCOW, February 9. More than 50% of the objects of unauthorized construction, the demolition of which the authorities of Moscow began in the night of 8 to 9 February, completely dismantled. About this informed the head of state inspection on control over use of objects of real estate of Moscow Sergey Sokurov.

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“Under the Moscow government resolution 829-PP proceeded to dismantle 97 dangerous for the citizens objects of unauthorized construction. 100% of the objects were disconnected from electricity and utilities. More than 55% of the objects have been totally dismantled more than 40% of demolished structures. Currently dorismar the objects of unauthorized construction”, – said Shugurov.

At three sites dismantling suspended

According to him, at three sites in the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow (on the square Savelovski station, and also near the metro station “Babushkinskaya”) dismantling has been suspended “from-for difficult to dismantle the structural features and location of objects in areas of dense traffic flow”. “Due to increase in the morning traffic of passenger traffic, the decision on suspension of works in these locations to ensure the safety of citizens”, – said Shugurov.

The official noted that there were cases when the owners refused to leave the object of unauthorized construction. “There were not more than 2% of the total. In the near future parsing will be continued. The results will be held landscaping of the public areas,” he added.

Dismantling will be done by March

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In the night of 8 to 9 February in Moscow began the dismantling of the 97 objects of unauthorized construction. In December, the Moscow government adopted the decree “About measures on provision of demolition of unauthorized constructions on certain territories of the city of Moscow”, providing for the demolition of 104 objects. All objects of unauthorized construction, according to the state, will be dismantled by the beginning of March.

In the list of objects subject to demolition, were the shopping center “Pyramid” at metro station “Pushkin”, built above the entrance of metro station “Sukharevskaya”, building on the area of Savelovsky station, the extension to the subway station “Sokol”, the stalls near the metro station “Kropotkin”, “Arbat” and “Ulitsa 1905 goda”, etc.