Sands: Erdogan’s statement on the Russian occupation of parts of Syria is absurd

Sands: Erdogan’s statement on the Russian occupation of parts of Syria is absurd

MOSCOW, February 9. Statements by President Recep Tayyip erdo─čan that Russia allegedly occupied part of Syria, absurd from the point of view of international law. This was reported to journalists the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“As for the statements of President Erdogan (last Sunday, Erdogan gave an interview to Bloomberg – approx.) that Russia is occupying part of Syria, from the legal point of view and from the point of view of international law they are wrong, they are absurd,” he said.

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Peskov explained that the military space forces of Russia are in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate Syrian leadership. “Accordingly on any occupation, speech just can’t go, neither de jure nor de facto,” he added.

As for the prospects of stable relations between Moscow and Ankara, Peskov said that relations between Russia and Turkey are in a worse condition over the past decade, but to normalize them is not yet possible.

“The relationship is now in a worse condition over the past few decades. And we are very sorry about this, but clearly state that Russia is not the culprit this state,” said Sands.

He recalled that “Turkey has made aggressive treasonous actions against Russia”. “Turkey still has not given adequate qualifications and has not brought the relevant apologies. Therefore, while talking about possible ways of normalization of relations is not necessary, not possible”, he concluded.

The Statements Of Erdogan

The President of Turkey have repeatedly spoken about the occupation actions of the Russian Federation in Syria. As reported by Anadolu Agency, he spoke to reporters in Senegal, who arrived at the end of his Latin American tour.

4 February

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In connection with the voiced on the eve the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkova suspicions that Ankara can prepare an invasion in Syria, the Turkish President noted that “Russia’s approach provokes laughter”.

“First, Russia needs to answer for the people they killed in Syria. The number of deaths in cooperation with the regime (of Bashar Assad) in Syria has now reached 400 thousand people. Russia is engaged in the occupation inside Syria,” says Erdogan.

In his opinion, Russia “naval base in Tartus, in Latakia airbase demonstrates an attempt to create for Assad “boutique state”. “Time Assad in Syria has already ended.